Form DS-160 should be to fill for all non-immigrant visa applicants for the US. It is a multiple component form. This web page describes the personal information section.

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Personal info 1

Surnames (As in Passport)Your surname. Additionally called Last name in U.S. If there room multiple surnames listed in your passport, you have to enter every one of them. Usually, this need to be noted in the first line in surname in the passport. If her passport go not encompass a last name, create the given name together the last name (even despite it is no the last name), and write “FNU” in the given name. Do not compose “LNU” in the last name.Full surname in aboriginal AlphabetIndia:Click on ‘Does no Apply/Technology no Available’.Mexico: basically all mexican applicants can click ‘Does not Apply/Technology not Available’. China:You must write her names in Chinese personalities here. Friend must carry out telecodes for your names.For every others, either compose the name in the indigenous alphabet, or inspect “Does not Apply/Technology no Available”.Do you have a telecode the represents her name? Telecodes space four-digit password numbers that represent characters in some non-Roman alphabet names. If yes, friend will require to go into them for both surnames and given names. SexSelf-explanatory. Select from either “Male” or “Female”. Marital StatusChoose accordingly from the choices: MARRIED, SINGLE, WIDOWED, DIVORCED, or legally SEPARATED. K1/K2 visa: This must be anything other than MARRIED or legit SEPARATEDK3 visa: This should be MARRIEDDate the BirthDate once you to be born. This day should be over there in her passport. If day or month of your birth is unknown, enter as displayed in passport.Place of BirthPlace wherein you were born. Compose City (Village, Town), State/Province, and Country wherein you were born.State/Province the Birth: If State/Province is no applicable to you, inspect “DOES not APPLY”. Country of Birth: The surname of the nation should be the name that is currently in usage for the place where you were born.If any type of of the names because that the city, state/province, or nation have been adjusted since your birth, please compose the existing names that room used.

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Personal info 2

Country/Region of origin (Nationality)Select the nation whose nationality (citizenship) you at this time hold. The name of the nation should be the name that is at this time in use for the place.Do you hold or have you held any kind of nationality various other than the one indicated over on nationality?Indicate “Yes” or “No” appropriately. You need to incorporate all the nationalities you right now hold or formerly held, even if you formally and/or legit relinquished any type of of them.If friend answer “Yes”, you will certainly be asked to get in the complying with details about each nationality friend hold/have held: Other Country/Region of origin (Nationality)Select native the list.Do you host a passport because that the other country/region of beginning (nationality) above?Answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ accordingly.If answer ‘Yes’:Provide the adhering to information:Passport NumberAre girlfriend a irreversible resident of a country/region various other than your country/region (nationality) shown above?If reply “Yes”: carry out the adhering to information:Other long-term Resident Country/RegionNational to know NumberIndia: choose “DOES no APPLY” for Indian citizens. Mexico: get in the Clave Única de Registro Poblacíon (CURP) as it appears in her passport. If the CURP is not presented in the passport, please examine “Does not Apply”. Other: If your country has any such number, write it here.

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