We provide you a low under on among the greatest pop/rap sensations roughly – Flo Rida!

Flo Rida is a man who has made his song appeal to practically every generation because that a decade now. Ideal from his songs choose ‘Low’ to the most recent ‘My House’, the Florida-based rapper has actually made a fortune v the assist of his arts form. However like plenty of other struggling artists, the too had a challenging climb to reach the level the stardom the embraces now.

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Flo Rida is locked and loaded to collection the stage on fire in ~ the upcoming Enchanted valley Carnival festival in India top top December 17th and also 18th! This is walking to it is in the 2nd time the rapper set foot in our nation and, needless to say, human being are hyped around what he’ll carry to the magnificent festival grounds.

Here are some funny facts friend didn’t know about Flo Rida!

1. His genuine name is not ‘Flo Rida’. Duh!

Credits: allradionews.com

His actual name is Tramar Lacel Dillard. He to be born in Carol City, Florida – a suburb in Miami. Due to the fact that he to be born in the ghettos of Florida and also that’s where he spent most of his childhood, his phase name ‘Flo Rida‘ is one ode to his roots!

2. His an initial venture wasn’t hip-hop.


Credits: rapbasement.com

His very first career selection wasn’t exactly to dive into the world of music. After graduating native high college in 1998, the studied service management because that a duration of time before jumping head-first into the human being of music. But the company management lessons can have come in handy, considering his fame and wealth today.

3. Flo Rida has always given ago to society and the community! 

Flo Rida’s childhood was surrounded by the ghetto community, which played a vast impact on his life and livelihood. So, he makes it a allude to give ago to the ar he grew up in, the neighborhood that shame him. He has actually started the big Dreams for Kids foundation as well as the Florida Youth soccer League. Both of these NGOs focus on providing underprivileged youngsters with education and also homes!

4. He has actually a pair sibling! 


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What many civilization don’t know is the Flo Rida has a twin sibling. A pair sister, to it is in precise! although she hasn’t pursued a job in music prefer he has.

5. The found significant inspiration in death.


Credits: hiphopnmore.com

When he was mid-way v finishing one of his earliest albums, among his sisters passed away of bronchitis. As tragic together it sounds, it motivated Flo come work also harder and also complete his album, i beg your pardon obviously was a great success.

6. He got associated in music as soon as he was in the nine grade! 


Credits: starschanges.com

His very first brush with music was once he was in school in the nine grade. He got connected with a group dubbed ‘GroundHoggz‘ a team of guys who offered to live with each other in the same apartment complex. They lived with each other for virtually 8 years and made some remarkable music! 

7. The rapper is a total auto fanboy!


Credits: celebritycars.com

When you’re among the greatest rappers in the world, money isn’t an issue. The rapper has actually a strong penchant because that super cars and has an outstanding fleet of four wheelers. Right from his custom-made Bugatti Veyrons’, Ferraris’ and even a practice -made Maybach, he has actually it all! many of his cars have the right to be checked out in his music videos together well!

8. His name is fastened to several deadly viruses! 


Credits: atlanticrecords.com

Not the actual viruses, relax.

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Being well-known isn’t always a smooth road. According to computer agency McAfee, Flo Rida’s name is just one of the most popular searches top top the internet, which has actually resulted in certain users to usage those searches to transfer some deadly computer viruses. Ouch! be careful!

The rapper renders his second Indian visit on December 17th and also 18th in ~ the Enchanted valley Carnival festival in Aamby Valley, Lonavala! Don’t miss out on your chance to catch him live!


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