Equivalent fractions space fractions that have actually the same value however have various numerators and also denominators.

Equivalent fraction Examples

example 1:

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to reduce `9/12` to shortest terms; `9/12 = (3 × 3)/(2 × 2 × 3) = 3/(2 × 2) = 3/4` to reduce `12/18` to shortest terms; `12/18 = (2 × 2 × 3)/(2 × 3 × 3) = 2/3` since `3/4` and `2/3` space not equal, because of this `9/12` and `12/18` room not equal.

multiply the portion by `3/3` in stimulate to get a denominator the `24`: `5/8 × 3/3 = 15/24` Therefore, `15/24` is the equivalent fraction of `5/8` which has a denominator that `24`.

multiplying the fraction by `4/4` in order to get a molecule of `8`: `2/9 × 4/4 = 8/36` Therefore, 8/36 is the equivalent portion of 2/9 which has actually a molecule of 8.

How to uncover equivalent fractions:

multiply the numerator and the denominator the a fraction by the same nonzero totality number will readjust that portion into an identical fraction, however it will not readjust its value. Equivalent fractions might look different, however they have the exact same value. Let"s look in ~ some much more examples of equivalent fractions.

For example : to uncover equivalent fraction of `2/3` us multiply both numerator and also denominator by 2 climate we acquire equivalent fraction `4/6` .

How to check two fractions are tantamount fraction:

Simplify every fractions. If they reduce to be the same fraction, then the fractions room equivalent

For example : we will examine the fountain fractions `6/15` and also `10/50` room equivalent.

we will certainly simplify both the fractions-

`6/15`= `(2 * 3)/(5*3)`=`2/5`

`10/50`= `(2 * 5)/(2*5*5)`=`1/5`

the fountain `2/5` and also `1/5` room not same, therefore fractions space not equivalent

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