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In this task the students make a windsock to measure up wind speed and also direction.

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Wind is waiting in motion.

Two methods we deserve to measure the wind are speed, and also direction: awindsock is a device we can use to measure up both. A windsock is a conical textile pipe you mayhave seen at an plane or together a highway in ~ a windy location.

Wind start the windsock native one end and escapes the end of the other. The latter end pointsin the contrary direction from where the wind originates. For example, a wind indigenous thewest will suggest a windsock come the east.


You can also see the loved one speed of the wind by observing the windsock"s angle relative toits mounting pole. In short winds, the windsock droops and also in high winds it flies horizontally

This task is a component of The Air increase There, a unit made for Science World"s large Science for tiny Hands program. They were developed and tested through Preschool and Kindergarten educators.

The Air increase Thereprintable guide.



Create and also use devices that measure wind speed and also direction.


Per Student:1 piece construction paper (15cm x 45cm)tape or glue9 lengths (65cm) that coloured crepe papermarkers, crayons, various other decorations75cm stringstaplercompass (optional)

Key Questions

how does the windsock present the wind direction? Which method will it be dealing with if the wind is comes from the east? Which means will that be encountering if the wind is coming from the south? exactly how does the windsock display the wind speed? What will certainly it watch like once the wind is strong? Weak? How could you enhance your design (e.g. Use waterproof materials)?

What to Do

Decorate the construction paper.Flip it over and also glue the streamers for this reason they cave from the bottom sheet of the paper.Roll it right into a cylinder and also glue or tape the ends together.Knot the item of cable at each end and also staple the knots to the inside of the cylinder, at the top, to do a handle.
Take the windsocks external to check it out. Have the right to you recognize the wind direction (you have the right to use a compass to determine the exact direction) and also speed? (The higher the windsock is lifted, the higher the wind).Hang the windsock top top a porch or patio where it will be safeguarded from rain.

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Teacher Tip: For younger classes, pre-cut every one of the supplies and knot the wire at each end.


Explore more about wind including prevailing neighborhood winds, seasonal changes, and also the Coriolis effect.

Other Resources

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