Kitchen tongs are tools used for choose up or manipulating food or food related objects. Castle consist of 2 arms (each one is a “tong”) joined normally at the end, periodically in the middle. There will generally be a take care of or handle at one end. The handles are provided to push the two tongs with each other in bespeak to develop enough press upon things to produce a organize on it, and also to maintain the pressure while the food or food object is lifted.

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The tongs have the right to be supplied in food preparation, food preservation, or in offer food.

Tongs deserve to often carry out a higher precision and much more efficiency in its entirety than various other tools such as forks, spoons or flippers.

There are two about kinds the general-use kitchen tongs.

One type is make from two pieces of hefty wire joined favor scissors; the other is two pieces the light metal joined in ~ the end, usually v a spring together well. That being said, the material doesn’t need to be metal: it can be metal and also plastic, plastic, hardwood or bamboo.

Plastic ones are fine because that salads, buffets, salad bars, etc.

Kitchen tongs come in different lengths. Long-handled persons are an especially important when food preparation over an open up flame or splattering grease, due to the fact that they median your hands don’t must come near danger.

Scissor-type ones space fine for smaller pieces of food. To use them, you have to slide one finger v a hole in among the handles, as you perform for scissors.

Tongs whose “holding ends” have scalloped food-gripping parts can enable a much more stable grip as soon as lifting huge items.

For non-stick pans, girlfriend can gain metal tongs that have actually plastic non-stick coating on the food-gripping parts, or nylon heads. Or, you deserve to use wood tongs.


When to buy kitchen tongs, you might wish come consider choosing a pair that deserve to be locked strict closed once not in use, to mitigate the warehouse tangle that deserve to be encountered otherwise in drawers or crocks. Some have actually a slide ring the locks them, some have actually a locking mechanism at the end that you traction to lock, press to unlock.

Some people reserve kitchen tongs simply for outside use, on the grill, but you may wish to acquire a couple of pair because that the kitchen as well.

Tongs are really useful for transforming meat such as sausages, pork chops, and also steaks. Making use of a fork to turn meat involves piercing the meat, enabling the juices to circulation out and also evaporate, leaving the meat drier. As well, tongs get rid of chasing breakfast sausages roughly a frying pan through an egg-flipper or a fork.

They room also great for:

stirring and serving spaghetti;manipulating baked potatoes, lifting corn on the cob, squeezing tea bags;good in a pinch because that serving salad;metal ones deserve to be supplied for turning larger items being deep-fried such together battered food, onions rings, etc.

There room also devoted tongs for specialized purposes.

Cooking Tips

While you’re food preparation something and using tongs, don’t remainder the tongs versus a hot pan. If the tongs have metal handles, you’ll warmth up the handles and also possibly burn yourself; if the tongs have actually wooden handles, you may burn them; if they have plastic handles, you might melt them.

Language notes

The word “tongs” is constantly used in the plural in English.

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Types the tongs because that food-use

Asparagus Tongs

Asparagus tongs are a devoted form the kitchen tongs committed to taking care of asparagus in ~ the table. There room ones because that eating asparagus with, and also for offer it. They have fallen out of fashion.Asparagus tongs because that serving Asparagus tongs because that serving...