Single use objects are great, however multi usage objects are… greater. In the efficiency-driven, convenience-loving society we currently find ourselves in, devices with more than one use room infinitely much more valuable 보다 those with only one. So imagine our surprise, and delight, upon finding out that the spaghetti spoon has actually a usage we did no yet know of?

The spaghetti spoon, that pronged pasta grabbing tool, isn’t just for perfect fishing spaghetti the end of a pot of boiling water. It deserve to also assist you measure a solitary serving that pasta. The hole in the center of the spoon? It’s actually a pasta gauge!

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— Nathania Chua (

The internet, obviously, reacted to the realization. World gathered top top Twitter to share the news: some reveled in the newfound hack, while rather lamented owning tools that didn’t rather comply:

Was gonna perform that life hack whereby the feet fits one serving of spaghetti but I don't think my pasta spoon obtained the memo. #toomanyholes

— Katia Hildebrandt (

According to Barilla, the serving dimension for spaghetti should be a bunch 2 ⅛ inches in circumference. Go this recommendation complement up through the dimension of the feet in your median spaghetti spoon? That, I’m not yet certain about. Whether or no this hack is an accurate measurement or a practically approximation continues to be to it is in seen. Regardless, the seems prefer I might give this one a try.

Serving size, in general, feels arbitrary come me. I always want sufficient pasta to feeding a hungry team of guests, but, all in all, no measurement, no problem. You deserve to take a tiny bit that extra pasta a long way if need be. Flex her kitchen muscles a bit and also see whereby you have the right to take your excess. Because that example, there"s what our check Kitchen Chef mockery calls the spruce up, a foolproof an approach for providing that leftover pasta a second life. Simply a few new ingredients, a reimagined sauce, or also a basic reheat can take that leftover come a whole brand-new place.

“Spaghetti spoons have perforations to drainpipe water...various shapes and also sizes, not all round, and even the ring holes don't help much. What is one serve for a 10 yr old child, 20 yr old mrs or male (average exerciser) or same period athlete?Do as others have suggested, go by weight, or eye, and use the leftovers (if any) in a brand-new dish.”


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