Purchasing a link bow may seem simple - yet there’s much more than meets the eye come that! with bows coming in various hand orientations, you’d want to acquire one the will work-related for you. Together such, we’d favor to sell a basic but reliable guide on exactly how to call if a link bow is left or appropriate handed!

The lift on just how to tell if a link Bow is Left or ideal Handed

Generally, archers follow the ascendancy that their gear is dependent on their leading (the shooting) hand. But a ascendancy of ignorance you have to realize around compound bows is that:

Rather than the shoot hand, compound bows rely an ext on your dominant eye. For this reason if friend are ideal eye dominant get a right-handed bow, and if left-eye dominant get a left-handed bow.This might sound convoluted in ~ first, but you host a appropriate handed bow in your left hand and also hold the string v your appropriate hand.On the various other hand you host a left handed bow in your best hand, and hold the wire (and shoot) v your left hand.In various other words if you are right-eye dominant, you"ll need a right-handed bow. You"ll organize this bow in her left hand and also hold the string (and shoot) v your best hand. If you are left eye dominant the sides gain swapped.When using ideal handed bows, the bow will certainly be a little to the appropriate of her body, and the sight and also the arrow holder need to extend to the left, therefore you deserve to actually usage these devices. That"s why opposites matter when it concerns bow handedness.

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It’s a righties world! but don’t let that frustrate friend if you room left handed. Nevertheless of hand orientation, below are some basic pointers to find out if a compound bow is a lefty or a righty (an awesome cheat to have actually in mind too - opposites issue when finding out a compound bow’s hand orientation!):


Left handed bows will have the vision on the ideal side, and vice versa.

Compound bows often come v sights to aid with aiming. These small pegs, found on the former of a link bow, will provide you an idea on which hand the bow’s draft for. A ideal handed compound bow will have sights on its left hand side; a left handed link bow will have actually its sights on the right side.

Note most sights come both together left or appropriate handed, such together this one. You"ll should decide before buying.

Find the link Bow’s arrow Stabilizer

A link bow’s arrowhead stabilizer, which is located in the riser, is additionally a nice way to uncover out how a bow is oriented. Remember, opposites matter! If the link bow’s riser is ~ above the appropriate hand side, then it’s a left handed bow. If the riser is situated on the left hand side, then it’s a ideal handed link bow!


Arrow rest for left handed bow - regularly they deserve to be collection up because that both sides.

The same uses on a link bow’s arrow rest. Wherein is this located? The arrow rest is whereby the end of your arrow is inserted when you’ve drawn the bow. Now, the bow’s a left handed one if the arrowhead rest is on the ideal hand side. If the arrow rest is on the left hand side, climate it’s a appropriate handed compound bow friend have! arrow rests are much easier than sights, some have actually ambidextrous design, such together this one.

Left or Right? exactly how to determine What compound Bow functions for You

How would certainly you recognize which form of link bow come use? allow us discover out an ext below.


The dominant eye is typically the non-lazy one.

Knowing i m sorry of your eyes is the dominant one is the key in detect the best compound bow to suit your needs and also style. You may not notification it, yet you’d have tendency to use one of your eyes when taking aim! prior to anything else, here are some funny estimations about dominant eyes:

About 2 thirds the the an international population space right-eyed dominant.About one 3rd of the an international population space left-eyed dominant.There is a small fraction of people that execute not have actually a dominant eye in ~ all!

Now, how can you understand which of your eyes is the dominant one? Let’s tackle this with some quick and also easy tests.

Instinctive Testing

The simplest test. What eye execute you usually rely on when you"re squinting? Or because that a an ext concrete example, what eye perform you usage to look with a telescope? more likely 보다 not, the eye you"d usage would it is in your dominant one.

The miles Test

Now this is a funny test. Check out this steps:

Extend both of your arms, placing them simply right in former of you.Create a circle using the fingers of each of your hand.Center the one on a remote object.Stare right into the one you developed with both of her eyes open.

Now, for the fun and also interesting part!

Close your left eye. Walk the thing in the circle relocate or is now positioned the end of the circle? If yes, then her left eye is the dominant one!Close your ideal eye. Walk the object in the circle relocate or is currently positioned out of the circle? If yes, then your ideal eye is the leading one!

Please perform make certain not to emphasis too hard on the object you"re staring at. Act so may make you see double!


Easy eye prominence testing making use of your ignorance and things on the ground.

This is comparable to the Miles test above. Except, rather of creating a circle with both arms, you are:

Extend a solitary arm.Have your ignorance aligned towards the thing you setup to rigid at.

Determining your dominant eye through the Porta test is excellent by:

Close your left eye. If the thing is tho aligned with your thumb, then your best eye is the dominant one!Close your appropriate eye. If the object is quiet aligned with your thumb, then your left eye is the leading one!

Don’t it seems to be ~ to have a leading eye? climate you’re more than likely ambiocular! now that you understand your dominant eye, you have the right to now check out her shooting hand!


The hand friend write v is probably your dominant hand.

Also recognized as her shooting hand or draw hand, your leading hand is the one that you use to draw earlier an arrow. A typical mistake that part make when picking a link bow is that they"d confused which is the dominant hand! Remember: the hand that grips the bow isn"t your dominant hand!

Typically, your dominant hand is what you’d normally use because that other tasks as well. From writing to eating, this is the hand the does the major work. Thinking that way, illustration a bow exerts an ext effort 보다 gripping a bow!

Also, if one of two people left or ideal hand works just fine because that you, climate you are more than likely ambidextrous!

Total Dominance! dominant Eye & leading Hand Combination

Let’s integrate both hand and also eye dominance variables to uncover out your all at once dominance. Below are some fast pointers to help you out:

If you are left handed and likewise have a leading left eye, then you are left dominant.​If girlfriend are appropriate handed and also have a leading right eye, then you are appropriate dominant.If you are best handed and have a leading left eye, climate you space cross leading (also known as cross-eye dominant).If you are left handed and also have a dominant right eye, climate you are cross leading (also recognized as cross-eye dominant).If you room ambiocular and also left handed, climate you are partially left dominant.If you space ambiocular and also right handed, climate you are partially right dominant​Special case - if you space both ambiocular and also ambidextrous, choose which side you are many comfortable with!

The crucial Part: pick a link Bow by Charting your Dominance

Knowing your all at once dominance will now assist you discover the perfect link bow for you!

Your dominant Hand

Your dominant Eye

Overall Dominance

The compound Bow"s Hand Orientation







Partial Right












Partial Left








No Dominance

Your Choice!

Helpful Archery Snippets to discover Out What sort of compound Bow You’ll Need

Here are much more factors to think about when choosing which hand orientation compound bow to use:

Let us explain further why knowing eye dominance is important in archery. And also that boils down through parallax.

It"s as ethereal as the is, but you execute experience parallax without also knowing around it! Parallax is the noticeable displacement of the place of an item you space viewing.

This thing is displaced since you are seeing it through two various lines of sight.

Now, objects (or targets) that are closer come you have actually a bigger parallax. The impact is opposite because that targets farther far from you.

Parallax matters due to the fact that what you space seeing may not it is in in its yes, really position! now this is why knowing your dominant eye (and making use of it) will assist you fly your arrowhead towards where you desire it!

In other words, establish this subtle - but highly relevant - quirk in your eyes will make friend realize how to both:

Manage her bow, because you want to get one the will work-related with your in its entirety dominanceAim properly at your target, considering the optical illusion quirk we all have!

Knowing will allow to shooting smarter!

To find out even more about parallax, examine this Wikipedia article.

I to be Cross dominant - How have the right to I uncover the appropriate Compound Bow because that Me?

Are you overcome dominant? right here are a couple of helpful advice to permit you select the best compound bow:

Focus Your dominant Eye

If you can"t decide which side to use, then base that on your dominant eye! It might take part time getting used to, however everything will certainly soon autumn into ar through retraining (which is likewise our next tip!).

Muscle Memory and Motor an abilities Training

To clear up on which side to use, commit you yourself to training. Every little thing boils down to muscle storage - the more you shooting arrows through a details side, the more your human body adjusts to the orientation. Think about this reminder as a fun and productive way to rise your archery skills!

In essence, repetition and also practice is essential when you want to get over cross dominance. Practice does make perfect, so gain shooting your bow and grind to excellence!

Since it’s a righties world, we’re sharing part awesome tips because that left handed shooters!

Always questioning your local store (or digital merchant) the you specifically require a left handed compound bow. Store in mind the all link bow manufacturers produce both right and also left handed variants. The point is, a shop or a vendor may not have a prepared stock because that lefties! So best to confirm beforehand because that the right gear you need.Compound bow sights typically have a set orientation in place. Adjustments deserve to be made, though, for a ideal handed sight to be supplied by a left handed shooter. But do please be mindful that the typical sight setups will it is in the opposite because that lefties. Together such, constantly keep in psychic the hot tip us mentioned previously - the opposite will always ring true when it pertains to hand orientation and compound bows!Since many shops and also manufacturers cater to a bulk of best handed archers, carry out come ready to perform some job-related on researching and ordering specialized gear.Another important tip to have in psychic is do the efforts out gear at shops. This is regarded the an initial tip - yet we’re separating the to give it more emphasis. Since most pro archery shops sell you the opportunity to try out their equipment first, please carry out be mindful of the equipment for demo. You wouldn’t desire to shoot a appropriate handed link bow if you’re a lefty! Again, constantly ask and also check come be certain of what you’re using!

We expect these advice will help you and also other lefties the end there!

Fortunately there room a most ambidextrous commodities on the market, most arm guards, gloves and also releases room ambidextrous. In the finish being a lefty will not hurt you at all - simply make sure you practice sufficient (click right here to learn where).

Hands (and Eyes) ~ above the right Compound Bow

The dynamic and also seamless connection of your personal quirks and gear is one great part top top what provides archery such an amazing sport. Knowing your own supremacy (both eyes and also hands) will certainly make you more conscious on gaining the right shooting stance. Establish what renders a link bow one of two people a left or ideal hand orientation will make you select a gear that will certainly work best for you.

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Combining both revelations will make you a better archer! have actually fun and also stay safe once letting those arrows fly!

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