So what would happen if demons procreated v a human being (or with each other), using meatsuits (and not the means Jesse turner was conceived, presumably v an Incubus demon). Would certainly the boy still be thought about a cambion or would certainly it actually not possess any of its parent(s) powers? but given the fact that demon blood is an extremely potent ~ above its own, a child with demon blood in that veins would certainly be a an effective psychic (even if it no possess the full potential of an Antichrist). The being said, if it to be possible, why wouldnt demons be popping cambions any chance they get?


I'm gonna to speak it must produce a human since demons are means more careless 보다 angels therefore if they might use this to their advantage there'd be armies of human being demon hybrids. Because there isn't, ns think we have our answer.

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I mean we currently saw that through Azazel feeding every those babies with his blood and also the angels no intervene until after the Apocalypse was averted (and no thanks to them i might add). If feeding top top demon blood gives you powers, imagine gift born from demon seed. I reckon there are probably plenty of half-demon offspring out there, but they could very well have advanced into the monsters the the brothers struggle on day-to-day basis, or at least been protected by their demon parents. If that's no the case, then ns reckon like angels, cambions are more than likely a taboo and also Hell would make certain that no demon is allowed to sire demon children, offered how prefer Cambions, space able make use of the strength of their person soul, which would certainly be considered a threat.

The scenarios of why Jesse was able to be born to be pretty ambiguous, so I'd to speak cambion space a once-in-an-eon form thing- the stars need to align, the demon needs to be a particular type, should be born at a certain time, whatever. I'd say Jesse was the perfect storm, and with the Apocalypse looming, every little thing just worked out well because that him to it is in born.

This is every conjecture, but I feel choose if it was as an easy as a demon impregnating a woman favor Nephilim, cambion would certainly be a lot bigger thing.

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YES!! youre onto something there! since the seals were being broken during the time if memory serves, for this reason the circumstances had to coincide with particular events. I believe it additionally had to carry out with the corruption the the original Virgin birth, because instead that God, a woman was impregnated by a demon.

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