In volleyball, hitting percent is a tracked statistic that is actually rather important. If you may not see these stats uneven you’re in a high-level program, many coaches do track this statistic and also use the to assist improve their team.

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What is a an excellent hitting percent in volleyball? A an excellent hitting portion in volleyball is a full of 0.300 and up. Anything end 0.300 is excellent and also anything in the selection of 0.200 is taken into consideration average. The 0.100 total range is slightly below average but still reflects that a hitter is scoring for the team.

When you talking around the stat, us say 300, no 0.300 or “point three hundred.” civilization that understand the sport will know it if you simply say the number as if it’s no a decimal.

Look at the defense together you attack.

To improve your volleyball hitting percentage, it is very recommended that you look in ~ the block before hitting. Players execute not often get the possibility (or think) to look at where the block is positioned before hitting the ball, especially if the beat is rapid at the time.

To improve hitting percentage, take the time to watch at your block prior to hitting. When you are aware of the block, keep in mind how numerous blockers girlfriend have dealing with you.

If there is just one blocker on you, unload on the sphere away from the block. A great move is for hitters to hit one angled shot the is diagonal across the court. If you have actually a solitary blocker top top you, totter aggressively to obtain the kill throughout the angle. This will raise your hitting percentage as that is a calculated and strategic move that’s most likely to result in a kill.

When you have multiple blockers you have to look for a gap and decide if you have the right to play the sphere through your block. Occasionally you’ll be able to hit roughly the block since they haven’t acquired into the appropriate position conveniently enough. You have to make that decision in the warmth of the moment.

Another alternative is come play a reminder or also a volley if the instance calls for it. Once you acquire a bad set or once the other team is well-positioned because that a dual block, take into consideration making the clever play and tip it just over your reach or volley the deep to an open room in the court.

By not forcing every opportunity to be a predictable, typical attack, you going to be more efficient. You’ll save the various other team more off-guard and also avoid part frustrating stuff blocks.

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The Outcomes Of security Your team’s Volleyball Hitting Percentages

Obviously, hitting percentages can aid to highlight the ideal hitters in a team, yet monitoring and also tracking volleyball hitting percentages can also tell the coach and also team captains command things around the hitters and team. Few of the outcomes and questions reply include:

Are few of the hitters making the too simple for the the contrary team come score as soon as the set being provided are not ideal?Which hitters space hitting shots that make it difficult for the the opposite team to defend?Which hitters are underperforming and easy to gain digs turn off of?Do hitters understand when to play conservatively like probably pulling up because that a tip or a lob hit instead of hitting with the very same old swing?Can the team be coached come make better hitting decisions, so regarding improve hitting percentages?Should football player be shuffled roughly so that stronger hitters take it on more of the responsibility?

Last indigenous On Hitting Percentages In Volleyball

While terrific hitting portion in volleyball is an important aim for any kind of team, there is no require to shed hope if her team’s hitting portion is a tiny less 보다 perfect. There is every factor to think that with constant training, strategic hitting, and also teamwork, that your hitting percentages can steadily climb and also even begin to exceed 300. If girlfriend aren’t already monitoring her hitting percentages, now might be the perfect time come start.

A vital part of improving your hitting is executing through solid technique. Check out our article on just how to pond Your Hand position While Spiking next!

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