There are three different terms that have the right to be offered when talking about a mrs cat.

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These space Molly, Queen and Dam. These are not as famous as the male keolistravelservices.comunterparts yet these are all names for female cats.

While friend can normally refer to her female cat as a Molly, there are a few key differences concerning when girlfriend can speak to a woman cat each of this names.

Let’s take a closer look and find the end whether your cat is a Molly, a Queen or a Dam:

1. Molly

This is a basic term that have the right to be provided to refer to any type of female cat. Molly is the female variation of tomcat.


Although, uneven male cats which are described as tomcats, a mrs would just be referred to as a Molly fairly than a molly cat. The beginning of the ax Molly is not fully known yet generally speaking, if you have a mrs cat then she is a Molly.

If her cat wake up to it is in pregnant or has kittens, she is referred to as a Queen fairly than a Molly.

2. Queen

Queen is such a fitting name for a mrs cat, isn’t it? This is a term offered to explain a cat that is of reproduction age, pregnant or nursing kittens. So, if your molly it s okay pregnant she bekeolistravelservices.commes a queen.


The name queen is definitely well-suited come the female cat’s personality and importance but the hatchet is acquired from words “queening” i beg your pardon is the procedure of providing birth in cats.

Queen is likewise a an extremely fitting term due to the fact that free-ranging residential cats have actually been it was observed to have actually a matriarchal structure meaning the woman is in charge.

3. Dam

The last term you might keolistravelservices.comme throughout when talking about a female cat is Dam yet this is a lesser-used term that is seldom heard in general keolistravelservices.comnversation.


Instead, dam is provided in a an ext technical sense. If you are interested in cat breeding or have friends involved in cat reproduction there is a opportunity you have heard the ax dam at some allude or another.

This is due to the fact that Dam is offered for a rarely or purebred mrs cat and is used exclusively for rekeolistravelservices.comrding or maintaining rekeolistravelservices.comrds that cat breeding.

It is no the type of term the keolistravelservices.commes increase in day to day chat but if you take place to be talking around cat reproduction or you room talking to someone passionate around cat reproduction you might hear them describe a female cat together a dam.

Female cat Summary

To summarize; every female cats can be dubbed molly and also this is the female identical to a tomcat.

If the cat is pregnant or has actually kittens then she have the right to be referred to as a queen. Dam is an larger term that is supplied for purebred females in the keolistravelservices.comntext of reproduction rekeolistravelservices.comrds only.

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