A constant, sometimes also called a "mathematical constant," is any well-defined genuine number i beg your pardon is substantially interesting in part way. In this work, the hatchet "constant" is usually reserved for genuine nonintegral numbers of interest, when "number" is provided to refer to interesting integers (e.g., Brun"s constant, yet beast number). However, in contexts together as direct combination, the ax "constant" is generally used to median "scalar" or "real number," and also need not exclude integer values.

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A function, equation, etc., is claimed to "be constant" (or be a consistent function) if it always assumes the same value elevation of how its parameters are varied.

Certain constants are recognized to many decimal digits and recur throughout many diverse areas of mathematics, frequently in unexpected and surprising places (e.g., pi, e, and to part extent, the Euler-Mascheroni consistent

). Various other constants room more dedicated and may be recognized to just a couple of digits. S.Plouffe maintains a site around the computation and identification of numerical constants. Plouffe"s site also contains a page offering the largest variety of digits computed for the most common constants. S.Finch maintains a delightful, more expository site containing detailed essays and references on constants both common and also obscure.

The mathematician Glaisher remarked, "No doubt the desire to attain the values of these amounts to a good many figures is additionally partly because of the reality that many of lock are amazing in themselves; because that

, and also many other numerical quantities occupy a curious, and also some of them practically a mysterious, ar in mathematics, so that there is a natural tendency to execute all that can be done towards their an exact determination" (Gourdon and also Sebah).

The following table perform some typical constants, their symbols, and approximate values.

constantkeolistravelservices.com LanguagesymbolOEISapprox. Value
Apéry"s constantZeta<3>
Catalan"s constantCatalan
Delian constant2^(1/3)
" />
Euler-Mascheroni constantEulerGamma
Glaisher-Kinkelin constantGlaisher
golden ratioGoldenRatio
Khinchin"s constantKhinchin
natural logarithm the 2Log<2>
Pythagoras"s constantSqrt<2>
Soldner"s constant

Gourdon and Sebah and Lyster maintain internet pages comparing the fastest known algorithms for computer digits of usual constants.

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