Rounding to the nearest 100 method to write down the lot of of 100 the is nearest to the number.Either the hundreds digit will stay the very same or the will increase by one.379 is in in between 300 and 400, for this reason the options are to round under to 300 or round up to 400.To decision whether we round up or down, we look in ~ the number in the 10s column.If the number is 4 or less, we round down.If the number is 5 or more, we round up.This is due to the fact that 350 is halfway in between 300 and also 400.379 has a 7 together its 10s digit, which is ‘5 or more’.This means that 379 rounds approximately 400.This means that 379 is nearer to 400 보다 300.We constantly look in ~ the tens digit come decide just how to round our number to the nearest hundred.

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849 has an 8 together its hundreds number so us can select to round down to 800 or round as much as 900.We look in ~ the number in the tens column, i beg your pardon is 4.This number is ‘4 or less’ and also so us round down.849 rounds down to 800.This means that 849 is nearer to 800 보다 900.We have the right to see the it is just before 850, i beg your pardon is the halfway allude between 800 and 900.
Rounding to the Nearest Hundred: interactive QuestionsRounding to the Nearest Hundred: interactive QuestionsRounding to the Nearest 100 Worksheets and also Answers

This means that 30 rounds down to zero when rounded come the nearest hundred.Here is the number 60.We deserve to see that 60 is closer come 100 than it is come zero.
We need to decide even if it is to ring 50 up or down.We decision to ring 50 approximately 100 due to the fact that we can make a dominion for rounding.51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58 and also 59 room all nearer come 100 보다 they room to 0.If additionally round 50 up climate we can say that if the tens digit is 5 or more, then us round up.Even if we have a number like 50.1, that is nearer to 100 than it is to 0. If there is any kind of other number added to 50, it is nearer come 100 and so, the is most basic to say that 50 ring up.
The digit in the tens pillar of 52 is 5. 52 has actually 5 tens in it.5 is ‘5 or more’ and also so us round that up.When first teaching round off to the nearest hundred it is crucial to describe that we space actually composing down the nearest number in the 100 time table come the number us have.Number lines can be a useful way to introduce the principle of rounding as it enables us to see the size of every number and where the is in relation with various other numbers.Once this ide is understood, that is encourage to just look in ~ the 10s digit to decide on exactly how to round.

How to ring to the Nearest Hundred

To ring to the nearest hundred:Look at the tens digit that the number.If that is 5 or more, round up.If that is 4 or less, ring down.To round up, rise the hundreds number by 1 and set the tens and also ones number in the number come 0.To ring down, keep the hundreds digit the very same and set the tens and also ones number in the number to 0.Here is an example in which we will certainly round 379 to the nearest hundred.The an initial step is come look at the 10s digit, i m sorry is 7.7 is ‘5 or more’ and also so us round 379 up.
To ring down, we store the hundreds number the same but adjust the various other digits come zero.The 6 in the hundreds obelisk remains the same yet the 2 and also the 8 are collection to zero.628 rounds under to 600 as soon as rounded come the nearest hundred.In this instance of round off to the nearest hundred we look in ~ 849.The hundreds digit is 8 and so, the choice is to save 8 together 8, or ring it as much as a 9. 849 is in between 800 and 900.We very first look in ~ the 10s digit, i m sorry is 4.4 is ‘4 or less’ and so we round down.
We at this time have a 1 in the hundreds column. To round up, this 1 rises to a 2 and the number after this are set to zero.3161 rounds as much as 3200.We previously has actually 31 hundreds and also now we have 32 hundreds.This way that 3161 is nearer come 3200 보다 it is to 3100.Here is an example of rounding 4982 come the nearest hundred.Rounding come the nearest hundred method that we create down the nearest multiple of 100 to our number.We have actually 49 hundreds in 4982. This method that us decide in between rounding come 49 hundreds and 50 hundreds.4982 is in in between 4900 and 5000.We look in ~ the 10s digit, which is 8.

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8 is ‘5 or more’ and so, us round up.We rise 49 hundreds come 50 hundreds.4982 rounds approximately 5000. This way that 4982 is nearer come 5000 보다 it is to 4900.4982 is larger than 4950. 4950 is halfway between 4900 and 5000.

Examples of rounding to the Nearest Hundred

Here room some instances of round off to the nearest hundred:ExampleTens number / RoundingRounded come the Nearest Hundred
2343 is much less than 5, so round down200
2898 is 5 or more, so round up300
2505 is 5 or more, so ring up300
343 is less than 5, so ring down0
727 is 5 or more, so ring up100
14626 is 5 or more, so ring up1500
59141 is less than 5, so ring down5900
69879 is 5 or more, so round up7000