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The flugelhorn (

 /ˈfluːɡəl.hɔrn/—also spelled fluegelhornflugel horn, or flügelhorn— from German, wing horn, German pronunciation: <ˈflyːɡl̩hɔʁn>) is a brass instrument that each other a trumpet but has a wider, conical bore. Some take into consideration it a member the the saxhorn family emerged by Adolphe Sax (who likewise developed the saxophone). Other historians assert the it derives native the valve bugle
 designed through Michael Saurle (father) in Munich in 1832 (Royal Bavarian privilege because that a “chromatic Flügelhorn” 1832), which predates Adolphe Sax’s workThe ton is “fatter” and also usually regarded as an ext “mellow” and also “dark” than the trumpet or cornet.

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The sound the the flugelhorn has been explained as halfway in between a trumpet and a French horn, vice versa, the cornet’s sound is halfway between a trumpet and also a flugelhorn. The flugelhorn is as agile together the cornet but more daunting to regulate in the high register (from around written G over the staff), whereby in general it “slots” or locks ~ above notes much less easily. It is not generally used for aggressive or bright display screens as trumpets and cornets regularly are, yet tends an ext towards a softer and much more reflective role.

Prominent jazz flugelhorn players include Freddie Hubbard, Lee Morgan, Art Farmer, Roy Hargrove, Hugh Masekela, Tony Guerrero, Jimmy Owens, Maynard Ferguson, Terumasa Hino, Woody Shaw, Guido Basso, Kenny Wheeler, Tom Harrell, Bill Coleman, Thad Jones, Arturo Sandoval, Lee Loughnane of the absent band Chicago, Mike Metheny, and Harry Beckett. Most jazz flugelhorn players use the instrument together an assistant to the trumpet, however in the 1970s Chuck Mangione gave up play the trumpet and also concentrated ~ above the flugelhorn alone, significantly on “Feels for this reason Good“.

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Watch power of lining Mangione- youngsters of Sanchez

Dallasmusic.org-Few folks it seems to be ~ inclined to invest the type of money (or the type of trouble) ~ above a flugel the they invest on a trumpet. The consensus, courtesy of follow Sanborn’s Brass Tactics, appears to be that

The flugel is your friend,The trumpet is your spouse,Don’t mix them increase orYou may shed your house.

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