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author S. E. Hinton has given many interviews about her very first published book, The Outsiders . In the book, the story is called by a young narrator, Pony Boy, who stays with his 2 older brothers and also is a member the the Greasers. The Greasers perform not acquire along with...

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Author S. E. Hinton has given numerous interviews around her first published book, The Outsiders. In the book, the story is told by a young narrator, Pony Boy, who resides with his two older brothers and is a member that the Greasers. The Greasers carry out not get in addition to the competitor group, the Socials (or Socs). The writer has stated that she was motivated to create the book since such a disparity and rivalry existed in her school when she was cultivation up and it made her angry.

Hinton was a member that the group comparable to the Greasers. The Greasers lived mainly in lower-income communities compared to the more affluent Socs. Similar to Pony Boy, Hinton to be a great student and also interested in she studies and also in literature. She actually began writing at a really early age, and also she perfect The Outsiders by the time she was still a teenager.

After a Greaser girlfriend of hair was win up together he walked house from school, Hinton wrote a short story around the incident. Eventually, given her strong feelings around the inequality she witnessed and experienced in her own neighborhood and also school, she turned the story right into a novel. She has also indicated that one more factor the drove she to finish the novel was that there were couple of “realistic” publications aimed at the young adult audience at the time.

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The scene in the book between Pony Boy, the Greaser, and also Cherry, the Soc, sounds choose something the writer herself might have proficient as a college student who frequently interacted in the progressed classes v the Socs. It is interesting that Pony Boy, maybe like Hinton herself, realizes that in spite of their differences, Greasers and Socs re-superstructure the same earth and experience many similar things.