Smallville: Why Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor Left the present Despite an important acclaim, Michael Rosenbaum decided to leaving the function of Lex Luthor top top Smallville after seven seasons of portraying the knavish character.

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Lex Luthor in Smallville
one of the best aspects to come out of the Superman-origin television series Smallville was Michael Rosenbaum"s portrayal the Lex Luthor. The top supervillain was reimagined as an unlikely friend for a young Clark Kent (Tom Welling), despite their as soon as promising connection would it is in fated to sour over the food of the show.

Rosenbaum had the ability to depict a more sympathetic version of the character, while additionally teasing a an ext menacing next throughout the years. His storylines in the show"s early seasons often lugged him right into conflict against his father, Lionel Luthor, who he ultimately killed in one of his defining villainous moments.

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Smallville aired because that 10 seasons, which chronicled Clark Kent"s trip from small-town farm boy to fulfilling his destiny come become Superman. However, together integral as Rosenbaum"s Luthor character to be to the show, the actor choose to leave Smallville after seven seasons, together did Lana Lang actress Kristin Kreuk.

Why Michael Rosenbaum Left Smallville

In one interview v Empire, Michael Rosenbaum disputed his reasoning for leave the cherished role. Recounting a conversation through Warner Brothers chairman Peter Roth, Rosenbaum had turned down an offer come stick through the character for additional seasons, citing his desire to try for more comedic roles. The also detailed that he had currently gone beyond his six-year contract, and also did not want to commit come two much more years of the character"s follicular demands: "I think I’ve done this lengthy enough. I did this character for seven years and also I just don’t feel like shaving mine head because that two an ext years."

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together per the actor"s decision, Lex Luthor was composed off the show in the seventh season finale, "Arctic." Having end up being increasingly villainous over the course of the season, "Arctic" ended with Luthor confronting Clark in the Fortress that Solitude. Seeing Clark as a threat to humanity and himself as its savior, Lex initiates the destruction of the Fortress. As he admits that he loves Clark "like a brother," the two former friends are hidden beneath icy rubble.

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In the adhering to season, that is revealed the Luthor had miraculously survived, despite he was grievously injured. Rosenbaum later returned for the series finale together a revived Lex, meeting Clark one last time prior to his fight with Darkseid. Their future together arch-enemies is teased, together is Lex"s future role as the president of the united States.

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The departure of both Rosenbaum and Kreuk marked a change in the prequel series, with the show beginning to resemble a sort of Arrowverse prototype in its final three seasons. Return Rosenbaum"s figure in the collection finale offered fans desperately required closure in between the 2 destined adversaries, his early bow from the collection was particularly tragic offered that the complicated relationship in between Lex an Clark to be one of, if not the most compelling aspect of Smallville.