As us have currently discussed water’s reaction to the cold vacuum, it’s time for exploring its properties when it is subjected to a very high pressure. Because that the benefits of ours exploration, let’s develop a perfect equilibrium system with a container—let’s do it with Uru or one indestructible steel from your own fictional universe—that is simply indestructible. Let’s rig it through a coolant assembly to maintain the temperature the exact same throughout the compression process.

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Let the press rise

The almost right ambient temperature would be 303.15K and the atmospheric press would it is in 100 kPa. When you preserve this temperature and also increase the pressure in the indestructible container, water alters from a fluid phase to a solid phase when the push rises over 1GPa. This is since the molecule are currently tightly packed under the pressure and an obvious change would be to the solid ice, yet with a different temperature (room temperature in our case, with the coolant device removing the heat) and crystalline structure, uneven the continual ice. The complying with phase diagram of water could assist you recognize this better.

Illustration through Cmglee | CC BY-SA

Upon increasing the push further, the crystal structure of the ice cream will change from ice through to ice VII and ice X to ice XI. Currently you understand that there space of course different forms the ices present in this universe. Unfortunately, these develops of ices can only be checked out in the research labs and not inside your freezer (Duh!). In situation you room pondering what’s so various in these ices, that is their crystal structure.

I want an ext pressure

Sticking v our hypothetical pursuit, when we increase the pressure beyond 1Tpa, the decision structure could turn into a metallic framework as speculated in a file here. This research even cases that there space two an ext crystal structures besides the existing phases. ~ above the various other hand, over there is likewise a opportunity that the molecules of the ice cream XI will dissociate into hydrogen and oxygen atoms. There are still numerous possibilities prefer the development of hydronium, but let us emphasis on part highly feasible hypothetical scenarios.

Let’s avoid the cooling and also make the adiabatic

So far, we have actually been cooling under all the heat generated by the water, together the job-related is done on it with a coolant. Once we remove our coolant assembly roughly the container, the energy in the system rises the temperature that the heavy ice. Yet still, us will have actually the very same ‘hot ice’ no hope existing together plasma (degenerate matterDegenerate MatterDegenerate matter is issue which has actually such extremely high density that the dominant contribution to its push is attributable to the Pauli exclusion principle - Source: A degenerate issue is the kind of matter found inside the main point of a thick star.). And when us torment the mechanism with an ext pressure—good enough to overcome the coulomb forces of the nuclei—the hydrogen atoms will certainly fuse to kind helium, which would eventually end up in developing a small neutron star or also a singularity if you room the god the pressure.

Is water compressible or incompressible?

Of course, the water, like any type of other issue is compressible. But before you can throw in a debatable statement of incompressible fluids right into our conversation box below, you can have come brush up about the term bulk modulus. In general, it’s characterized as just how much a liquid or a solid can resist the pressure applied to compress that from every the directions. As water has a mass modulus the 2.2×109 Pa, water is compressible.

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But the is not practically compressible for the least. In order to compress water, friend would require so lot pressure. Even at the deepest regions of ours oceans, the thickness of water is only a little higher than the of the water in ~ the surface, and also the compression is about around 1.8% only. For this reason the bottom heat is once you compress the water, that turns right into solid, the thickness increases apparently and it exist in among the 16—excluding the one in your freezer—known crystalline phases that the ice. Together of 2015, we only recognize that there are only a couple of high-pressure ice cream phases of water and the remainder will it is in unlocked very soon in the future, if us could achieve pressures past the currently limits.