at the end of The Giver, Jonas and Gabe head down with the eye to a location where over there is music.

Downward, downward, faster and faster. Suddenly he was aware with certainty and joy the below, ahead, lock were waiting for him; and they to be waiting, too, because that the baby. For the an initial time, he heard something that he knew to be music. That heard human being singing. Behind him, across substantial distances of an are and time, he believed he heard music too. But perhaps the was just an echo.

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This ending is sort of confusing. What happened? Did that travel back in time, together implied through the heat "of room and time"? where did they finish up?

Where walk they go and also how did they obtain there?

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It"s an pass out ending.

The immediate summary is that Jonas has actually found an additional pocket of world -- and also that this one is defined by joy, music, singing. He and also Gabe slide down through the eye to them, in the hopes that they will certainly reach the community on time, it is in taken in, and nursed ago to health.

However, in Jonas"s dilute state, this vision is not entirely reliable -- and also elements of the paragraph make him less reliable yet. The "sense the he heard music behind him" -- probably impossible -- "but maybe it was only an echo" is a fairly strong implication the Jonas cannot yes, really tell what the is seeing or hearing. Similarly, his sudden certainty the "they were waiting for him; and also they were waiting, too, for the baby" is obviously no a reasonable one -- also if it is true, Jonas has no means of discovering it.

So a lot of Jonas"s certainty and excitement right here are totally unreliable. It"s feasible that that does see, or hear, something, and is responding come it deliriously. It"s also feasible that there"s nothing there, and also this is Jonas"s final, comforting delusion instantly before collapse.

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So, it"s ambiguous. Either they discovered a haven, or they died; you don"t know for certain. Which friend consider much more likely is your very own interpretation...

Eventually Lowry wrote additional books in the series, whereby Jonas has clearly lived. Gathering Blue (published in 2000) only provides an pass out hint the Jonas has actually survived and arrived right into the town wherein the sequel takes place; however in Messenger (2004) and also Son (2012) this is made explicit, and also Jonas appears as a speaker character. However, I believe The Giver was initially written as a standalone publication (the following one was written seven years later), and certainly stands as one. So, whether or not the sequels "determine" the definition of the ending of the book, is also up come you :)