plant (Lycopersicon esculentum) of the household Solanaceae (nightshadenightshade,common surname for the Solanaceae, a household of herbs, shrubs, and also a couple of trees of heat regions, chiefly tropical America. Many are rise or creeping types, and also rank-smelling leaf is usual of many species......

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Click the attach for much more information. Family), pertained to the potato and eggplant. Although grew in Mexico and also Peru because that centuries prior to the europe conquest, the tomato is just one of the newest plants to be used on a huge scale for human being food. When the Spanish explorers brought earlier seed from south America, the plant to be grown just for ornament; that was recognized as the love apple. Despite the fruit was described as a salad ingredient prior to 1600, the was commonly regarded together poisonous, and only in ~ the critical century has it end up being recognized together a an useful food. Indeed, all components of the plant however the fruit are toxic. It was reintroduced to the United says as a food plant c.1800 and now ranks third among our vegetables crops. The is an extremely popular as a salad vegetable, yet 3 quarters the the crop is processed into juice, canned tomatoes, soups, catsup, and also tomato pastes. That is the many widely provided canned vegetable. Plenty of varieties (ranging native the small cherry tomato to the large beefsteak) are grew in virtually all parts of the joined States other than the warmest regions. Among the worst tomato pests is the cutwormcutworm,name because that the larvae of plenty of moths of the household Noctuidae (owlet moths). These larvae, or caterpillars, feed at night top top the stems and roots of young plants, often cutting them off near the surface ar of the ground. Castle hide in soil by day...... Click the connect for much more information. . Tomato-seed oil (from garbage seed that canning processes) is periodically extracted, chiefly in Italy. One antibiotic, tomatine, is likewise extracted native the seed. Technically the tomato is a fruit, although that is commonly considered a vegetable due to the fact that of the uses. The tomato is classified in the division MagnoliophytaMagnoliophyta, division of the tree kingdom consisting of those organisms commonly called the flower plants, or angiosperms. The angiosperms have leaves, stems, and also roots, and also vascular, or conducting, tissue (xylem and phloem)...... Click the connect for much more information. , course Magnoliopsida, stimulate Solanales, household Solanaceae.

Be aware they space in the nightshade family. Perform not eat tomato flowers or leaves. High in potassium, major source the LYCOPENE (very great for prostate), fiber, A, C, an excellent liver and also blood tonic (purifying effect). Raw they are good for us, yet if they are heated, cooked or stewed (like spaghetti sauce or ketchup), castle become very corrosive come the body and also can also lead come colon /bowel ulcers.


A plant of the genus Lycopersicon, specifically L. Esculentum, in the household Solanaceae cultivated for that fleshy edible fruit, which is red, pink, orange, yellow, white, or green, through fleshy placentas containing countless small, oval seed with quick hairs and covered through a gelatinous matrix.
1.a solanaceous plant, Lycopersicon (or Lycopersicum) esculentum, of southern America, widely cultivated for the red fleshy many-seeded edible fruits

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the fruit of this plant, which has actually slightly acid-tasting flesh and is consumed in salads, as a vegetable, etc.


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