A majority of the world’s reptiles are found in the tropics, including tropical south America. But despite this abundance of species, our knowledge of numerous Amazon reptiles is tho poor.
While we recognize that part reptile groups are an especially diverse, others occur in short densities compared to similar areas in the eastern tropics. Because that example, turtles, tortoises and also venomous snakes room poorly stood for when compared to many other humid tropical locations of the world.Amazon reptiles accounting a very wide range of habitats (e.g. Creeks, oxbows, rainforest canopy) and additionally show distinctions in their feeding habits.Most reptiles, such as the boa, room carnivorous (they feed exclusively on various other animals) when others, such as the eco-friendly iguana, are primarily herbivorous (they eat mostly plant matter).1




Boas are collectively referred to together boines in southern America, and also they are without adoubt the most renowned snakes in the world. The extensive boine fauna the theAmazon river Basinand the Guianas consists of five species, specific the boa constrictor (Boa constrictor), the emerald tree boa (Coralluscaninus), the usual tree boa (C.enydris), the rainbow boa (Epicratescenchria) and also thegreen anaconda(Eunectes murinus).These varieties have overlapping distributions on the southern American mainland, and often occur with overlapping ranges.To kill their prey, boas lied in wait until a suitable prey is in sight, plunder themselves around the victim and suffocate them. Prey may encompass fish, turtles, lizards, crocodiles, birds and also even mammals, consisting of deer.Snakes must swallow their prey whole. A huge snake such as the boa can eat a 210 gr roof rat or a 9kg capybara. Different boa species use various habitats (e.g. Trees, rivers), and by each specializing on different prey, they room able to co-exist with restricted competition from every other.

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Amazon tree boa (Corallus enydris); Manu national Park, Peru

Did you know...

That boas take place in a selection of habitats from dry locations with short rainfall to lush rainforests?Except because that the emerald tree boa, only uncovered in lowland tropical rainforests.

Crocodiles and also alligators (caimans)

Most active at night, these animals eat fish and also other water populated animals, such together capybaras, birds and also snakes.True crocodilians and also alligators/caimans look at the same, however “crocs” have actually snouts that are an ext pointed than the “gators”. Crocodiles also have the upper fourth tooth visible once the jaws room closed. Alligators/caimans prevent saltwater. They are also more abundant.

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Turtles discovered in theAmazon flow Basinbelong to an ancient group called side-necked turtles. The head is tucked sideways quite than being covert inside the shell. Only around 20 varieties are found.The southern American river turtle (Podocnemis expansa), also known as arrau and also charapa, is the largest freshwater turtle in southern America, through shells end 80 cm lengthy reported for some females. Males room smaller and also measure 40 centimeter on average.These turtles have inhabited the planet for an ext than 158 million years and also have a wide distribution. The varieties can be uncovered in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins in Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and also Guyana.