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‘Lizzy deftly weaves her way through the crowd’‘He deftly navigates the world"s meanest island in a hang-glider.’‘The film reflects a pair that nimble, knowledgeable hands framed in close-up, deftly prepare an impossibly lovely meal.’‘The trawler vehicle drivers drove away their watercrafts quickly and deftly, precluding an ext damage.’‘William leapt turn off the horse and also tied that quickly and also deftly come the fence post.’‘Your baby is on every fours, wobbling yes, but deftly maneuvering around the living room furniture.’‘Soon enough you"ll have progressed your own ability to the point when you deserve to deftly flick the sphere over the advancing goalkeeper.’‘Birds usually simply decide to it is in airborne then leap deftly right into the air.’‘Vincent was playing the guitar, his strong brown fingers moving deftly across the strings.’‘The persistence payment off when 14 minute later, Springer score again indigenous a short shot inserted deftly right into the far left edge of the net.’‘Walsh fastened on to a corner from Arrigan and deftly side-stepped two defenders before planting the round low past Keoghan.’
1.1In a clever way.
‘he has actually deftly handled the flak he"s received’
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‘the show"s authors deftly balance humor and also grief’‘The film is thoughtful, charming and deals deftly with race relations and also fatherhood.’‘His humiliation would have been unforgivable if it hadn"t been delivered deftly, through a smile and a Bengali lawyer"s wit and charm.’‘Leigh"s novel dram deftly through appearances and apparitions.’‘In his memoir, Verghese moves deftly between portrayals the himself as outsider and also insider.’‘The old characters have been updated deftly and there space some pretty great new ones.’‘Ranging deftly among philosophy and literary history, his an initial chapter is a solid structure for the remainder of the book.’‘The brand-new work feeling risky and adventurous, use a selection of techniques and motifs, and also deftly combine the seductive through the rugged.’‘This movie is for this reason deftly directed and also wonderfully acted the it can be took pleasure in as a luxury spectacle that unconventional costumed camp.’‘Hughes deftly kept tensions within the administration under control.’‘Most importantly, this book deftly mirrors the duty of history-making together a device of cultural identity.’