the length of time throughout which a gift or thing has actually existed; size of life or presence to the time talked of or referred to: tree of unknown age; His period is 20 years.

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a duration of person life, measured by year from birth, usually marked by a certain stage or degree of psychological or physical advance and involving legal responsibility and capacity: the age of discretion; the age of consent; The state elevated the drinking age from 18 to 21 years.
the particular period of life in ~ which a human being becomes naturally or traditionally qualified or disqualified for anything: He was over period for armed forces duty.
a particular period of history, as identified from others; a historical epoch: the age of Pericles; the rock Age; the period of electronic communications.
the duration of background contemporary with the expectancy of one individual's life: He was the most renowned architect of the age.
the mean life expectancy of an individual or the the people of a class or species: The period of a horse is indigenous 25 to 30 years.
Psychology. The level that mental, emotional, or educational breakthrough of a person, particularly a child, as established by various tests and also based top top a to compare of the individual's score through the average score because that persons the the exact same chronological age.
Geology. a duration of the background of the earth distinguished by some special feature: the ice Age. A unit of geology time, shorter than one epoch, throughout which the rocks comprising a phase were formed.
any the the successive durations in human history divided, according to Hesiod, into the golden, silver, bronze, heroic, and also iron ages.
to store (a permanent magnet, a capacitor, or other similar device) so that its electric or magnetic characteristics become constant.
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of age, Law. being any kind of of numerous ages, generally 21 or 18, at which specific legal rights, as voting or marriage, are acquired. Gift old sufficient for full legal rights and also responsibilities.
1225–75; (noun) center English aage, eage, equivalent to aé (aetātem accusation of ae(vi)tās age; aev(um) time, life time + -itās-ity) + -age-age; (v.) center English agen, derivative the the noun
6. Age, epoch, era, period all describe an level of time. Period usually means a significant extent the time, specifically one linked with a leading personality, influence, characteristic, or institution: the age of chivalry. Epoch and also era are often used interchangeably to refer to an level of time defined by readjusted conditions and brand-new undertakings: one era ( or epoch ) of invention. Date sometimes refers especially to the start of an era: the steam engine—an date in technology. A duration may be long or short, however usually has actually a significant condition or feature: the glacial period; a period of expansion.

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OTHER WORDS native age

in·ter·age, adjectivepre·age, verb, pre·aged, pre·ag·ing.subage, nounun·ag·ing, adjective
a suffix typically forming fixed or summary nouns from various parts that speech, arising originally in loanwords from French (voyage; courage) and productive in English through the definitions “aggregate” (coinage; peerage; trackage), “process” (coverage; breakage), “the result of” together either “the truth of” or “the physical effect or remains of” (seepage; wreckage; spoilage), “place of life or business” (parsonage; brokerage), “social standing or relationship” (bondage; marriage; patronage), and “quantity, measure, or charge” (footage; shortage; tonnage; towage).
Middle English -āticum, neuter that -āticus adj. Suffix; an extension of Latin -āta-ate1, whose range of senses it mirrors closely
youth, maturity, life, old age, generation, millennium, era, date, day, century, develop, mature, get along, grow, deteriorate, prosper up, infancy, milestone, senility, dotage
the period of time that a person, animal, or plant has lived or is expected to livethe period of a tree; what period was he when he died?; the period of a steed is approximately thirty years
a duration or state of person lifehe have to know better at his age; she had got beyond the giggly period (as modifier)age group
a period of background marked by some attribute or characteristic; era (capital when component of a name)the center Ages; the an are Age
geology palaeontol a duration of the earth"s history distinguished by distinct characteristicsthe age of reptiles the duration during i m sorry a phase of absent strata is formed; a subdivision of an epoch
myth any type of of the successive periods in the legendary background of man, i beg your pardon were, according to Hesiod, the golden, silver, bronze, heroic, and iron ages
(often plural) unshened a fairly long timeshe was an er washing she hair; I"ve been wait ages
psychol the level in years the a person has actually reached in any kind of area of development, together as psychological or emotional, contrasted with the regular level for his chronological ageSee also success age, mental age
age prior to beauty (often claimed humorously once yielding precedence) older people take precedence over younger people
C13: via Old French native Vulgar Latin aetatīcum (unattested), indigenous Latin aetās, eventually from aevum lifetime; to compare aeon
from Old French, from late Latin -āticum, noun suffix, neuter the -āticus, adjectival suffix, from -ātus -ate 1 + -icus -ic