Today Iwandered about our office looking for something sweet and when I observed an orange tootsie pop, my eye lit up favor the 4th of July. I conveniently grabbed one and also scampered off to my workdesk like a boy that just found the last treatand didn"t want to share. I took the wrapper off and also I witnessed it, the well known star ~ above the external of mine wrapper. I was instantly brought back to my childhood job of begging mine parents because that money, for this reason I can walk under to the gas terminal for a summer treat v my friends. That moment you discovered the star, the moment you felt favor the Queen or King of the people (image listed below to present true excitement).

Then I got to thinking, why to be the star for this reason meaningful?Would friend really obtain a cost-free sucker if you uncovered one and also if so, why go I never cash in ~ above this as a child? my mind went wild v questions, of course ns couldn"t relocate on through my dayuntil I acquired to the bottom of this. Together anyone would do, i pulled increase Google and went come work, luckily the didn"t take to long. It seems as if this is a usual question, so common that Tootsie roll Industries also addressed this question themselves.

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"Since the production of the Tootsie popular music in 1931, the meaning and beginning of the shooting star top top the wrapper has come to be a object of discussion and also has remained in circulation because that generations. It has actually been rumored that local convenience stores used to provide a free Tootsie pop to anyone who carried in a wrapper comprise the image of the shooting star. Unfortunately, we execute not know just how this rumor started and Tootsie role Industries has never in reality honored this promotion. In fact, the shoot star appears on 1 in every 4 to 6 Tootsie pop wrappers, simply as frequent as the other pictures appear. However, we do think the star is a authorize of great luck to come."

Did I read that right? walk they really just say 1 come every 4 to6 Tootsie pop wrappers contains a star? Why did I obtain so happy once I discovered one as a child, was it due to the fact that it brought great luck? I should have discovered at the very least 20 the these together a child and also there was never once a time that i didn"t gain a smile on my face. So wherein did this "rumor" also start? to be it come trick gas terminal attendants into providing out cost-free suckers or was everyone in my very same situation and also never tried to cash castle in, however stashed them away for a rainy day?

I think the reality is the someone produced this "rumor" to make children (and kids at heart) feeling special and excited by something so basic and pure. This ageless "rumor" has providedme so numerous precious moment in life, together I look back on such fond childhood memories, i can"t assist but smile. The really makes me think about how points I assumed were tiny things, turn into big things and also the points I believed were big, yes, really don"t issue anymore.

So for any type of of friend who room still analysis this, many of you room probablywondering why this is on a defense blog, however the reality is we space not simply a defense company.

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We space a lifestyle firm and a family-owned business, we live because that the small things.Each job we carry out our ideal to make certain you and also your family members are safe, soyou gain to experience all the tiny moments that life has to offer. So go searching for your star in life or ~ above a wrapper, we"ve gained your back.