Every country has a flag, food and symbols that recognize them. Yet what about a single word?

During the 6th International congress of the Spanish Language (VI Congreso Internacional de la Lengua Española) celebrated in Panama, the blog Papeles Perdidos, produced by the newspaper El País, released an atlas the the representative native of Spanish-speaking countries. They asked 20 authors which native they take into consideration “best shows your country.” The storytellers, poets and essayists responded v what they consider the many authentic native from your country, and this the word from Mexico:

Mexican Spanish Word: PINCHE

Mexican poet, essayist, novelist and also short story writer José Emilio Pacheco believes the pinche is words that best represents Mexico. He describes the Mexican meaning by quoting the meaning from the Diccionario del español normal en México, warning the it is a crude oil word:

1. The is negligible or an extremely petty.2. That is of short quality, low expense or very poor.

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“It is, therefore, an epithet the degrades every little thing it ad to. The word says profound anger towards something the offends and also humiliates us, however we cannot readjust it,” the adds.

Here space some example sentences that use words pinche from the Quick overview to much more Mexican Spanish:

1. Este pinche libro está horrible. (This damn book is horrible.)

2. El carro nuevo que compró está bien pinche. (The new car he bought is really low quality.)

In common Spanish a pinche is “a human who provides an easy services in the kitchen,” or a kitchen assistant.

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