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These ROOT-WORDS space PHIL, PHILA, PHILO & PHILE which mean LOVE. It originates from the Greek philos which way loving. There room a good many words with this root since there are countless things to love. This list provides you a an excellent sampling; man, the arts both an imaginative and practical, self, others, learning, wisdom, even the humble plant which desires nothing much more than a tree to climb on. Truly PHIL makes the civilization go round! PHILO gets you to your places.1. Philadelphy : PHIL adelphy (fil a del’ fi) n.Love for all men as brothers2. Philanderer : PHIL anderer (fi lan’ der er) n.A masculine flirt3. Philanthropist : PHIL anthropist (fi lan’ thro pist) n.A lover that mankind; a generous giver to person welfare4. Philatelist : PHIL atelist (fi lat’ el ist) n.A stamp collector5. Philathea : PHILA thea (fi lay’ thee a) n.An international organization of bible classes for women6. Philematology : PHILE matology (fi lee ma tol’ o ji) n.The science of kissing7. Philharmonic : PHIL harmonic (fil har mon’ ik) adj.Relating come an organization came to with music8. Philhippic : PHIL hippic (fil hip’ ik) adj.Loving horses9. Philodemic : PHIL odemic (fil o dem’ ic) adj.Loving the people10. Philodendron : PHIL odendron (fil o den’ dron) n.A rise green-leaved plant the is cultivated due to the fact that of that is beautiful leaves

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11. Approach : PHIL osophy (fi los’ o fee) n.Love the wisdom; search of wisdom12. Philodox : PHILO dox (fil’ o doks) n.One who loves the opinions he self holds13. Philogeant : PHIL ogeant (fil o jee’ ant) n.A lover that all great things14. Philogynist : PHIL ogynist (fi loj’ i nist) n.One who is fond the women15. Phiologist : PHIL ologist (fi lol’ o jist) n.A student, scholar, and lover of languages16. Philomath : PHILO mathematics (fil’ o math) n.A lover of learning17. Philomuse : PHILO muse (fil’ o muze) n.A lover of poetry and also the arts18. Philotechnist : PHILO technist (fil o tek’ nist) n.A lover that the practical arts19. Philotheism : PHILO theism (fil’ o thee iz um) n.Love that God20. Citizens : PHIL ter (fil’ ter) n.A love potion