Madge Undersee, the mayor’s daughter, urgently offers Katniss a gold pen to wear come the Hunger gamings as her token. The pin depicts a bird the Katniss pertains to recognize together a mockingjay, a types of bird that resulted from a fail Capitol project. The pin, then, is a reminder of the Capitol’s failure, of the opportunity of the Capitol"s failure, and thus clues at the possibility of rebellion.

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Mockingjays repeat patterns of note they hear, and Rue and Katniss use them to communicate with one another during the Games. However, ~ Rue’s death, mockingjays pertained to remind Katniss that what the gamings have expense her, and their symbolism lights the fire of the rebellion that will be the topic of the next two publications of The Hunger games trilogy.

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The timeline listed below shows wherein the price Mockingjays shows up in The Hunger Games. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are connected with the appearance.


Mockingjays space something the a slap in the confront to the Capitol. During the rebellion, the...(full context)
* she can not get ago to the camp in time. If she sings it, the mockingjays in the area will pick the up and also the other human will recognize that the...(full context)
...ran into trouble along the way, Katniss goes to search for her. She hears some mockingjays singing Rue’s four-note melody and sings the back. Suddenly, Katniss hears a children scream, and...(full context)
...They wait in the open. As they wait, Katniss sings Rue’s four-note melody to the mockingjays, and they pick it up. Suddenly, however, the mockingjays’ songs turn right into shrieking, and also Peeta...

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(full context)
Katniss and Peeta gather their things—just the mockingjay pin for Katniss—and castle head to the train. They’ll need to travel again soon to...(full context)
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