The updates in the Office 2007 atmosphere make recognize commands and also tools simpler for you. The brand-new interface aims to make every one of the Office programs an ext user-friendly and efficient. The following attributes will be described in this document:

The Ribbon

Gone in Office 2007 room the familiar pull-down menus and toolbars watched in vault versions of Office. These have largely been replaced by the Ribbon, a much more intuitive and also visual tab-based interface. Programs open in the Home command tab, which display screens most that the tools you will require to develop a simple document. Dedicated features have the right to then be easily accessed indigenous the other command tabs.

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Tools because that each command tab are split into groups (e.g., the Clipboard, Font, and also Paragraph teams in Word's Home tab). Part command tabs room context-sensitive, displaying only as soon as a certain feature is being used. For example, once a table has actually been inserted into a indigenous document, the Design and also Layout tabs appear in the Ribbon.

The Office Button

The Office 2007 OFFICE button is situated in the upper-left of the program window and is identified by the Office logo.

The OFFICE BUTTON enables you come open, save, and also print documents, and perform other record output functions (e.g., fax and email). The OFFICE button is likewise where you walk to adjust Word's choices and preferences, by clicking the brand-new Options switch (e.g., Word Options, Excel Options, PowerPoint Options). From the Options button you can customize one Office program's display and also settings.

Accessing Dialog Boxes and also Task Panes

When utilizing a device from the Ribbon, girlfriend will often want to see extr options and settings. Office offers dialog boxes and task panes for each team within a command tab. Dialog boxes and task panes space accessed by clicking the switch

in the lower-right corner of every group. For example, in Word, to bring up the Font dialog box, click FONT in the lower-right edge of the Font group.

The result dialog box provides progressed features and also settings for a offered group:


Command Tabs

Upon starting an Office 2007 program, the command tabs (such as Write, Insert, and Page Layout) are uncovered along the optimal of the Ribbon. The command tabs space customized for each regimen and allow you to uncover the functions and controls that you will use. For certain functions, such as editing and enhancing a table, the relevant command tab does not show up unless you room working v a table.

When you choose the suitable command tab in ~ the peak of the Ribbon, formatting choices appear in teams relevant to that command tab. For example, ~ above the Home tab, girlfriend will uncover such teams as Font, Paragraph, and also Style.

Smart Tags

Like the commands on the Ribbon, Smart Tags put commonly used attributes within straightforward reach. A Smart Tag is an symbol containing a menu that temporarily shows up within your paper after you carry out a details action. The objective of Smart Tags is to educate you the the options obtainable in different situations when making use of Office 2007. Because that example, ~ you paste text, a Smart Tag shows up with formatting options for that text; however, the tag will certainly disappear once you begin typing more text. Smart Tags likewise appear once using the AutoCorrect feature and when errors happen in Excel formulas.


After pasting, to expose your options, click the PASTE alternatives smart tag


Smart Tags and also AutoCorrect

When word AutoCorrects her text, a Smart Tag permits you to readjust or revolve off the AutoCorrect feature. For more information on AutoCorrect, view AutoCorrect: corrections & Replacements.

The help Task Pane

The Office 2007 help system includes Back and Forward buttons to navigate through assist menus and a text-based Microsoft Office assist dialog box. The help system has a table of contents, various search options, and also updates on alters made native previous Office environments. For information on using Office 2007 Help, refer to Using Microsoft Office Help.

To view Microsoft Office Help:

In the top right corner of the Ribbon, click HELP


Using ScreenTips

ScreenTips present information about the buttons easily accessible on the Ribbon and also can be valuable if you room unsure around the role of a details command or button. ScreenTips offer you a short description that the duty of any type of button top top the Ribbon by hovering your computer mouse over the button. You can likewise configure Office 2007 to present you key-board shortcuts within ScreenTips.

Activating ScreenTips

NOTE: The following instructions because that activating tooltips use to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Because that Publisher and also Outlook, describe Viewing display Tips below.

Click the OFFICE switch , » click OPTIONS EXAMPLE: In Word, click WORD alternatives The Word choices dialog box appears. NOTE: relying on which program you room working in, the options button will appear as PowerPoint Options, Excel Options, or word Options.

From the Categories pane, select Popular

In the task pane, under Top options for working with Word, from the ScreenTip style pull-down list, selectShow feature descriptions in ScreenTips

Click OK The tooltips duty for buttons on the command tab is now activated.

Showing shortcut keys

Options for reflecting or hiding shortcut secrets within ScreenTips can be selected only once the Show function descriptions in ScreenTips option is selected. To learn how to execute this, describe Activating ScreenTips above.

NOTES:Shortcut tricks will remain visible even if the ScreenTips choice is deactivated, but no extr information will certainly be shown.

Click the OFFICE button , click WORD options The Word choices dialog crate appears. NOTE: depending on which regime you space working in, the alternatives button will appear as PowerPoint choices or indigenous Options.

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In the Categories pane, pick Advanced

In the task pane, native the Display section, select Show shortcut tricks in ScreenTips

Click OKThe shortcut tricks for buttons ~ above the Ribbon are currently visible in ~ ScreenTips.

Viewing ScreenTips

Hold the mouse over any button A ScreenTip appears for the selected button.