"Hold her horses" is an idiom that has different meanings, but in the end, it all comes to down to what we usage in our day-to-day lives - "to wait" or "hold on".

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Did girlfriend Know?

‘Hold your horses’ is regularly used alternately through the idioms ‘cool her jets’ or ‘look before you leap’.

Language is a tool that is provided by world all end the world to refer themselves. The English language is one such tool that consists of hundreds of idioms, out of which part are easy to understand, if others room not so obvious. At times, you might be racking your brains wondering as to what the human in former of you just said. However, the idiom the we will be talking around in this article is a fairly easy one.

‘Hold her horses’ is one idiom that might have different interpretations because that some. No, friend don’t have to go and also literally capture hold of your steed (unless girlfriend are equine riding the course!). The is an expression; come be more specific, an ‘idiom’. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an idiom is one expression the cannot be interpreted from the interpretations of its different words, however has a separate an interpretation of that own. They room just tiny dramatic additions to convey your blog post to someone.

The literal an interpretation of this idiom needs to do through the require to organize on come your equines when they space fidgety and are about to run away. The is usually supplied by human being when there’s a scenario wherein a human is going to act ~ above a situation in a hurry or often without thinking. Permit us shot and recognize this idiom in an ext detail, and find out exactly how it happened in use.


As you might have guessed, ‘hold her horses’ is a pretty typical idiom in use, which means ‘to host on’, ‘to wait’, or ‘be patient’. Follow to the Cambridge dictionary, this idiom way to tell who to stop and also consider very closely their decision or opinion around something.

If girlfriend look in ~ its literal meaning, it means to store your steed still, or protect against your equine when the gets also excited and also fidgety. This is usually supplied for a human who is riding a equine or control a horse-drawn cart or a vehicle. For some, it may be noticeable enough also if the individual has not heard that this expression before. That is frequently used as soon as someone is in a good hurry to respond come something. That may additionally be said when you are asking a human to ‘calm down’ and also ‘be patient’.

If you are being pressurized to execute something, you have the right to say “hold her horses”, questioning the other person to patience down and wait because that a while. You will certainly come throughout this expression a lot, as it is quite frequently used by parents, teachers, employers, etc.

You might be asked to ‘hold your horses’ when you space tempted to respond in rage to part situation, once you are around to acquisition a point that may hamper your budget, or when thinking of acquisition up a task without understanding the duties or without doing any type of in-depth research on it.


As far as the origin is concerned, it has actually been about for a long time now, and there are plenty of stories concerned it.

The beginning of this idiom dates ago to the 19th century in the unified States, and is connected to steed riding or a human being driving a horse-drawn wagon. The horse is in a hurry to relocate when it it s okay excited or nervous, frequently getting out of control. Thus, you need to pull that is reins to organize it.

This idiom is likewise mentioned in Homer’s The Iliad, in i m sorry Menelaus tells Antilochus to ‘hold his horses’ because that recklessly driving his chariot throughout a race.

Its origin additionally traces ago to 1844 in new Orleans, together ‘hold your hosses’, which showed up in publish publications. ‘Hoss’ to be a slang offered for ‘horse’ throughout this time.“Oh, hold your hosses Squire. There’s no use gettin’ riled, no how.”

Another version additionally states that, in Rome, a man would ‘hold his horses’ during a according to battle.

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The hatchet may additionally have source from the army units. Because that example: service Slang (1943) through Hunt and also Pringle quotes, “Hold her horses, host the task until more orders.”

In 1939 in Chatelaine, we obtained a more familiar phrase: “Hold her horses, dear.”


Example 1

A: Let’s walk! Let’s go! i don’t desire to miss the movie.”B: “Hold your horses! I’m not even ready yet!”

Example 2

A: “Will friend marry me?”B: “Hold your horses! It’s simply our first date!”

Example 3

“Hold her horses! Let’s think around it because that a moment.”

Example 4

“Hold your horses! seize an umbrella prior to you leave. It could rain.”

Example 5

“Hold your horses for a minute while i make a phone call.”

Now you recognize that the main idea behind telling people or they telling you to organize your horses is to take one step back and take into consideration all the factors prior to taking a decision or acting upon a situation.