The Hunger games Title Explained: Why It's Really dubbed That The title of The Hunger games was symbolic that the history of Panem and also the thinking behind the brutal occasion that target the districts each year.

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The Hunger games Effie and also Katniss
Here"s the an interpretation behind The Hunger Games franchise"s title and also the name of the annual event organized by the Capitol. The sadistic event was at the facility of Suzanne Collins YA book trilogy, which was then adjusted into a four-film collection with Jennifer Lawrence play the lead role of Katniss Everdeen. Katniss, a citizens from ar 12, participated in 2 Hunger Games prior to leading a rebellion the brought about the end of the occasion once and for all.

Following the finish of the very first Rebellion through the districts of Panem, the tyrannical Capitol put the treaty of Treason right into effect. In turn, the Hunger Games occasion was started as a reminder that the consequences brought by the districts" authorized in the rebellion. Every year, one male and also one woman from each of the 12 districts to be picked with a lottery system. The 24 tributes in between the ages of 12 and also 18 to be then required to fight to the death until a lone survivor emerged. For the bulk of the Games, the occasion was televised as a form of entertainment because that the Capitol together the rest of Panem watched in horror.

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The location of the brutal occasion was symbolic of exactly how the Capitol regulated the rest of the nation. Conversely, the Capitol citizens were fine fed and also lived a life the luxury, the remainder of the Panem constantly faced hunger and also the hazard of starvation. Many of the districts had to rely on their own methods for food. Katniss came to be skilled in hunting to keep her own family members alive. The government controlled the lot of food the was made accessible in every location, which to be why district 1 and 2 had actually a much better supply. Considering the victor to be awarded food rations and also prizes because that their respective district, there was an even much more literal meaning behind the Hunger Games. Those that were already suffering through starvation had to use that as an inspiration to survive not only for themselves. But additionally the wellness of your district.

By the moment the occasions of The Hunger Games started, 74 years had passed due to the fact that the first event. Katniss made note of the abundance of food that was readily accessible to Capitol citizens. Coriolanus Snow, the president at the time, made that a point to show off the Capitol"s luxuries when the tributes ready for the 74th Hunger Games. It was all about food and also entertainment come the richest of citizens. Conversely, the districts didn"t easily forget that definition behind the Games, many of the Capitol seemed to shed sight of the symbolism.

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Even throughout the 74th Hunger Games, the Gamemakers implemented ways to remind tributes about what they to be fighting for. In Katniss" an initial battle to the death, there to be a large Cornucopia i beg your pardon housed supplies and also weapons that could assist the tributes. An additional version of the framework was consisted of in the complying with year"s quarter Quell. The Cornucopia was current in other years and also served as yet one more symbolic reflection of the Capitol"s regulate of food and also survival. Yet that prominence soon involved an end following the 2nd Rebellion.