Malaka(s) is the most used slang Greek word and also the an initial that every tourist or visitor to greek learn.

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It’s so common amongst Greeks the tourists hear it all the time, for this reason they usage to repeat it too.

But what go Malaka mean in Greek and also is that always great to speak this to someone?

This article is aiming to aid tourists and visitors come Greece. To let them know when they have the right to say Malaka to someone and also when not.

Origin of the word Malakas


Well, first let us offer you the ancient meaning, reason this indigenous is so old as the Greek language itself.

The native derives indigenous two ancient substantives, malakia(fem) (Greek: μαλακία) and also malakos (Greek: μαλακός). This meant, and still way “mental disease or disorder“, and “soft” and also thus “weak, depraved, effeminate”.

Malakas (μαλάκας) today is a vulgar word that is supplied for the “masturbator, the wanker.” Also, today is supplied either to offend, as in “asshole”, “wanker“, “impotent“, “stupid‘, “idiot‘, “sucker“, or to express friendliness together in “mate”, “my friend

This an excellent ambivalence renders it a tricky and additionally much-used word. However we suggest you not usage it v anyone personal from your closest friends. Or not even with castle if your style of interaction is somewhat an ext polite.

There was an old expression in greek saying: (Greek: Γι αυτό γίναμε Ιατροί, δια να θεραπεύομεν πάσαν νόσον και Μαλακίαν). This means: the is why we came to be doctors, to cure every illness and also mental disorder.

During middle ages times the meaning changed a bit and also used to explain the wanker. Because at that duration people used to believe that wanking was poor for the brain. For this reason every wanking person taken into consideration stupid or much less clever than average.

The female word today for Malakas is Malakismeni with another variation (Malako). This variation is an ext in usage by the youngsters of the Greek Diaspora, although that is rarely used in Greece.

In English, the translate into today should be wanker, or much more precisely jerk. But malakas can additionally be provided to express (come top top man) or (hey buddy) plus countless others. Every little thing depends on the way, the ton of the voice, the human body standing, the relationship in between the talkers, and many various other factors.

You may hear Greek world use the a lot, plenty of times in every sentence, however you can`t understand if that is a arguments or a according to friendly talk!

So, there space so many inconsistent uses, however what’s the real definition today?

Today’s genuine Malaka meaning

Despite the usage of this native in hundreds of different cases, the real meaning is only one! Imagine a person who can’t recognize a hint, someone that is not sure as soon as others mock the or not.

Someone who have the right to misunderstand what that is hearing, someone that is quickly fooled.

And in under words, finally, the one through IQ lower than average, in short, the stupid in a company, or in ~ work, it’s therefore simple!

So, Malakas = A low IQ person.

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When not to use words Malakas

The general dominance is come avoid it many of the time.

It is an insulting word. Regardless of the truth that most of the time you will certainly be forgiven because you space a foreigner, there space slim possibilities το end up through a broken nose.

We will aid you below to stop such a situation.

Rule 1If you are a guy never ever say this word to a woman, no matter just how close friends you are. Also if she is your lover or wife it is constantly insulting and also in some instances is equal to bitch!

The very same occurs if you space a woman, never to speak this to a man, no matter exactly how close friend or even lovers you are.In this case, it can mean idiot or worse sexually incompetent.

So that is almost always poor to speak to this a human being of the various other sex. Uneven of course, you are dead close friends and also (pay attention here) no lovers.

Of course, there room exceptions to every rule! one example, as soon as making love through your lover it can be a transforming up word!

Rule 2Never say this word come someone you just met, is a huge no-no, uneven you don`t desire to see him or she again!

Rule 3Never say it to complete strangers. In that case, there are strong possibilities for big trouble and broken noses.

Rule 4Never to speak it come people lot older than you, to someone that belongs to an larger generation. Even if they are close girlfriend or relatives, especially for loved ones such as Uncles is much worse. In this case, that is very bad because that you too and also others will certainly blame your negative personality.

Rule 5We never ever speak to like this our Parents, it is a no-no.But the is a need to to speak to Malaka our brothers or sisters, except at the moment we have actually a dispute!

Rule 6There are plenty of other situations, but you should be a Greek to be able to understand every corner of the Greek sense of humor. So better follow the general rule that says: constantly is better to prevent this word.

When friend can speak to someone Malaka

You should be a very close friend through someone to have the ability to say this word and to be taken as a friendly word. In these very close friendship cases, the meaning literally transforms to: hey buddy, buddy, or come on man.

Also, that can be used between brothers and sisters but not when they have a quarrel.

Once Malaka always a Malaka


The indigenous Malaka is definitely the many widely supplied Greek word and is a vulgar slang word. It has actually unbelievably many, perhaps a thousand various uses, however only one meaning! and also it is offered in every element of Greek everyday life.

You may speak to someone Malaka, yet this doesn’t typical that you average stupid, you may mean numerous other things, especially if friend don’t know the person. Example: Parta malaka (take lock malaka), a really frequent gesture with open up hands in the Greek streets between drivers!

So, it is friendly and an violation word, it deserve to be supplied either come break or to combine a relationship. The secret is to understand how and when to use it.

We know that plenty of tourists, specifically English-speaking people, may say this word. Make the efforts a friendly strategy with Greeks, after ~ all, the is the word that castle hear the most.

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They will certainly be forgiven in practically all cases because they room tourists. But there is always a slim opportunity that the won`t it is in taken friendly.

So better remain on the safe side, and unless you understand your friend, protect against this word!

Malakas, unfortunately, because of extensive use, has end up being somehow a trademark word because that the Greeks today. Something that characterizes Greeks worldwide, something prefer Mousaka, or sirtaki for instance!