While the logo design of the company DC Shoes has its unique and also distinctive shape, you may still perceive a symbolic attach to the Chanel badge. As result of the intuitive connection, we might assume the the DC logo design is (maybe) trying come tell that the firm is “Chanel in the world of skateboarding and snowboarding.”

Meaning and history


The history of DC traces ago to 1994 when Droors apparel was developed by 2 co-founders, Ken Block and Damon Way. In fact, it no their very first venture. A pair of years earlier, they also started the firm called Eightball Clothing, and also such jobs as blunt Magazine, form A Snowboards, and Droors Jeans. It to be Droors blue jeans that eventually became Droors Clothing, which, in that turn, ended up being DC.

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In the spring of 2004, DC Shoes was purchased by Quiksilver. In 2011, in an effort to do the brand much more popular, the above flag logo design was introduced.



The many striking part of the DC logo is more than likely the method it theatre with classic symmetry. Also, you may get an additional clue if you compare it v the Chanel logo.

The “D” has white room on that is horizontal bar, due to the fact that of which it looks very much prefer an turning back “C.” The “C,” in its turn, has actually its 2 curves replaced by two angles, due to the fact that of which the looks an ext like an reverse “D.” at this point, the most natural thing to execute would more than likely be come design an image with two symmetrical parts, so the the left component is a winter reflection the the ideal part. In this case, the emblem would look favor the Chanel logo design with a various “C.”


However, the designer take it a various path. He sandwiched a black color star in between the two ends the the “C” and likewise moved the white space on the “D” a little lower to rest the symmetry. Due to this, the logo gained a distinctive and unique look. Nevertheless, the DC logo still bear a vague link to the Chanel logo and possibly ours subconscious might classify the DC badge as “Chanel in the footwear for action sports.”

What go “DC” was standing for?

The most intuitive answer come the inquiry seems to be “Droors Clothing,” which is the name of the agency out of i m sorry DC was formed. And yet, the official corporate legend states that the letter were taken indigenous the names of the very first two athletes assigned by the company, Danny and also Colin.

DC Shoes and also Comics emblems


There’s one much more extremely well-known firm using the initials “DC” together its name – DC Comics, i m sorry is among the biggest and oldest us comic publication companies. The perform of the superheroes occurred by DC Comics employee is awe-inspiring and also includes Batman, Superman, and also Wonder Woman, come name simply a few. DC Comics belongs to DC Entertainment, which, in that turn, is a subsidiary that Warner Bros.

Taking into factor to consider the similarity in the name of the two companies, that hardly a surprised that their logos have much in common, too. When the comic book company introduced a new emblem in 2012, quite a few people supposed it to be an update DC pair of shoes logo.


The text below the emblem is offered in a an easy sans serif typeface looking really much prefer Nimbus Sans Black. This grotesque sans serif font was published by the certain URW++.

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In regards to the color palette, the DC logo design stays in ~ the classic notion the elegance sticking to the mix of black and also white. Involved think of it, the an option is commercially reasonable and also fits the company’s field of expertise perfectly. Together DC manufactures a wide range of products, their shade scheme likewise varies considerably. A black-and-white argorial is universal enough to fit any background.