A traditional symbol that death. Holden is finishing his time in ~ Pencey (a metaphorical death) and he likewise worries about the duck in winter. (Chapter 1)

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Red searching Hat

This hat serves numerous purposes. Holden to buy it ideal after he makes a major mistake (leaving the fencing equipment on the subway) and also so once he puts the hat on, the feels separated native his teammates who room ostracizing him. The cap hides Holden native the civilization (making him feeling invisible), yet like so countless things about Holden, there is likewise a contradiction. The hat, one unusual enhancement to his prep school attire, makes him stand out. This red hat attracts fist (a contact for help?), or at the very least it should. (Chapter 3)


Checkers through Jane Gallagher

Holden idolizes the innocence and purity of childhood, and also he remembers playing checkers through Jane Gallagher together a duration of time once life was no a game with such high comb (like Thurmer suggested). Woman did no play to win, she merely played for the happiness of it; this is something that Holden admires. He is quiet immature and also would quite play a video game of checkers through a girl 보다 go on a day with her since then points might end up being complicated. (Chapter 4)


Allie"s Baseball Mitt

Allie"s baseball mitt is a price of Allie himself. The is something the Holden stop onto. The mitt is special, extended in poems, a price of Allie"s uniqueness and intelligence. (Chapter 5)



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White is a timeless symbol that innocence and also purity. As soon as Holden watch the snow, he package a snowball, but he does not throw it at anything since Holden does not want to break the peacefulness and also he walk not desire to disturb or change anything. Holden is afraid of change; the most far-reaching change in his life thus much was losing his brother, now he avoids change. (Chapter 5)