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‘Traditional tantos to be double-ground and he offers his knives with this grind and also the asymmetrical chisel grind so famous on tactical knives today.’‘I favor my tanto and also scimitar much an ext than these army weapons.’‘He was currently dropping the tanto and reaching for the katana hilt protruding indigenous the scabbard on his back.’‘He glanced over at him and smirked together he toyed v the tanto, the the smallest of the collection of Japanese blades.’‘We space both wounded, girlfriend from the shuriken, and I, from the tanto.’‘The tanto offered the Samurai well throughout centuries of close-quarters battle.’‘The tongue is a mediate of the imposing Hawkbill architecture with the wicked Japanese tanto.’‘Sleek in design, these knives feature fabricated handles v molded-in checkering and a choice of two blade styles, a modification spearpoint and also a tanto, both make of 154 centimeter stainless steel.’‘If I want to execute anything come you i would have actually taken the tanto inside your jacket and done it by now.’‘To know the heaviness of this, merely look in ~ virtually any type of custom knifemaker"s or manufacturer"s tactical line and you"ll be hard-pressed to discover one that doesn"t sell a tanto.’‘Things acquired a little out that hand once she flipped my major over his desk, pressed a ceremonial tanto come his throat, and also told him she"d send him to his ancestors if the didn"t compose me a letter the recommendation.’‘At first glance, the Chisel looks prefer a traditional tanto, finish with sheathe cord over stingray hide underpinnings, topped with an ornamental menuki.’‘He had his fists clenched tightly around his tanto.’‘I ordered my tanto and also slit with his hand and kicked him against a wall.’‘Ten years later, he was killed by a small-time gangster, through a tanto, in a bar.’‘Weapons such as the jutte, tessen (iron fan), sode garami (sleeve entangler), tanto and also jo were more emphasized.’‘The too much Ops series offers 3 blade shapes, tanto, drop suggest and clip allude – set into an ergonomic take care of of G-10 fiberglass laminate.’‘The magazine reads choose a who"s that of blade styles, running the gamut from typical drop and also clip suggest designs come the much more exotic tanto and also bolo.’‘I lunged again, bringing my knife to his chest, yet at the last minute, acquisition out mine tanto I constantly kept concealed on mine person, and slashed at the towel concealing the ninja"s face.’