See the $t$ superscript ~ above $(x,y,z)$? Well, i am not rather sure what is it. I understand this is pretty basic, since I"ve viewed it number of times in the past, but constantly disregarded it (and my exercises still resolved just fine).

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What is it claimed to represent?

If I had actually to make a wild guess, I would certainly say the $(x,y,z)$ is one heat of a matrix - and $(x,y,z)^t$ is that traspose (therefore that is a shaft of a matrix). But, that doesn"t make lot sense come me, and don"t see just how is this relevant.

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Yes, the is the transpose. Usually, one works with tower vectors, that is, if $\Bbb R^n$ is come be concerned matrix algebra, that is commonly identified through $\Bbb R^n\times 1$.

However, because that your job it is irrelevant, that works as well in tuple vector room without identifying heat or column.

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