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‘Fortunately for Ecuador, obtaining U.S. Dollars to change sucres has been aided by the high price of oil, Ecuador"s main export.’‘Ecuadorian profession unions are threatening to contact mass protests this month versus the worsening economic problems caused by last April"s instead of of Ecuador"s money - the sucre - through the dollar.’‘The exchange rate announced by Mahuad, 25,000 sucres to the dollar, testifies to the quick impoverishment of the Ecuadorian masses end the past year, during which the sucre"s value has actually fallen through 82 percent.’‘So far in 2000 it has lost an additional 9 percent of its value, pass the barrier of 25,000 sucres come the dollar, creating problems of economic desperation because that Ecuador"s functioning class and also peasantry.’‘Mahuad to plan to replace sucres through dollars at a rate of 25,000 come one, successfully impoverishing a big majority that the country"s 12 million people.’‘The government adopted a ‘dollarization’ plan in March that will result in the replacement of sucres with dollars.’‘Its worth at the end of 1999 was 25,000 sucres every dollar.’‘In addition to suggest the replacement of the sucre through the dollar at the present exchange that 25,000 come one, the proposal consists of bank and also labor revolutionary that would certainly make Ecuador an ext enticing to foreign investors.’‘But critics said it to be a last-ditch effort through Mahuad to stay in power, and that abandoning the sucre would devastate countless Ecuadoreans" sucre-based savings.’‘As of now, checks issued in sucres must be paid in dollars.’‘The national currency, the sucre, would certainly be changed by the us dollar.’‘A vital plank the the government setup was to replace the country"s currency, the sucre, through the united state dollar.’‘Galapagos is component of Ecuador and the local money is the sucre.’‘Mahuad"s proposal come dollarize the economy, scrapping the sucre, the national currency, in donate of united state greenbacks, sparked prevalent opposition and mass protests that ended in the armed forces overthrow.’‘After plenty of deliberations with his economic advisers chairman Jamil Mahuad announced the the sucre to be to it is in ditched altogether.’