The divine grail of recruitment is recognize a quick, easy, and also accurate means to automate candidate shortlisting.

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As establishments start to embrace the idea that recruiting and also retaining talented employees represents a vain advantage, Deloitte’s Human resources Trends Reportfinds that HR departments space being tasked come redesign every little thing they perform to adjust the way organizations hire, manage, and also support your people.

But the more things change, the an ext they continue to be the same. In spite of these requirements for change, the classic difficulties of recruitment remain including exactly how to find, attract, screen, and also shortlist candidates.

Shortlisting is frequently the most complicated and time-consuming action in the recruitment process.


Having a shortlist scorecard serves two purposes:Ensures friend are applying each criterion fairly and consistently across candidates.Allows girlfriend to conveniently identify and rank who the the strongest candidates space to relocate forward.Step 3: determine the length of her shortlist

How many candidates perform you have to shortlist to acquire a effective hire?

When it concerns deciding the size of her shortlist, most people have a pre-determined number in mind. Because that example, interviewing 4 to six candidates to acquire one effective hire.

For high volume recruitment roles prefer customer service representatives wherein you have to hire thousands of people, you could shortlist any candidate that meets her criteria.

The best method to recognize the size of your shortlist is to job-related backwards indigenous the median conversion prices in your own recruitment process. Together a recommendation point, the market average applications to interview conversion rate is 12%, the interview to sell conversion price is 17%, and also the offer to embraced conversion price is 89%.

According to this numbers:

For every 100 candidates friend sourceYou need to shortlist 12 that them to interviewTwo of lock will obtain an offerOne candidate will certainly accept in order for you to acquire one successful hireStep 4: Screening resumes come shortlist candidates

According to sector stats, 75% of applicants room unqualified and also 88% room not solid enough to move forward come an interview.

When 75 to 88 percent of the resumes you receive for an open req space ones you have to display out, it’s evident why shortlisting is the most time-consuming component of recruitment.

Traditionally, screening and also shortlisting candidates were hand-operated processes. This days, a task opening receive 250 resumes ~ above average, which can take as much as 23 hrs per hire just to display resumes, price each candidate making use of your scorecard, and determine your final candidate shortlist.

Recruiters and talent acquisition leaders realized long back this was a major problem, for this reason they turned come technology: the Applicant Tracking mechanism (ATS) was invented. In plenty of ways, ATS software has actually been a boon. Of the establishments who usage one, 94% say an ATS improved their hiring process.

The advantages of using an ATS include:Organizing all applications received for an open req.Tracking candidate resource as well as various other recruitment metrics (e.g., applications to interview ratio).Automating resume screening v knockout questions.Ranking candidates through keyword matches.Allowing searches because that candidates in your existing resume database utilizing keywords or Boolean searches.

Unfortunately, some of these toughness of an ATS have come to be their weaknesses. It’s end up being common understanding that most ATS software application use keyword corresponding to display resumes, which has actually led to candidates gaming the device through keyword stuffing on their resumes.

The two significant weaknesses of one ATS are:False positives: erroneously moving forward candidates who room not in reality the qualified ones due to keyword stuffing.False negatives: screening out an excellent candidates who don’t fulfill the keyword filters however have solid qualifications otherwise.

Traditional ATS software application wasn’t designed come improve just how it shortlists candidates by learning which ones went on to become successful and unsuccessful employees. That way each new req requirements to re-invent the wheel, also for the same roles you’ve to fill previously.

So if ATS software application is essentially a must-have this days for recruitment and talent acquisition departments, their restricted functionality is understandably frustrating.

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But as with the creation of the ATS, an innovation is again comes to the rescue to allow the following generation the candidate shortlisting.