Supervised farming Experience

SAE, which represents Supervised farming Experience, is an agricultural experience the students are compelled to get throughout your sophomore, junior, and an elderly years in the agriculture program. With their SAE, students are able to seek their passions in farming through hand-operated learning, real life experiences and develop employable “soft” skills that will aid them when they go after a career. The SAE allows students to find career options, learn how to plot in the workplace, and develop and also refine an abilities related to your SAE. Students apply knowledge from the classroom and also apply their leadership an abilities from the FFA in order to it is in a successful employee at their SAE.

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Types that SAE

Paid Placement

The most well-known option for SAE in ~ Nonnewaug is the payment placement. In this SAE, students occupational at one agriculturally related business that is approved by the agriculture department. Students should be paid if they are working at any kind of facility other than a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit. Examples of payment placements include working at veterinary offices, floral shops, farms, and also dog boarding kennels.

Unpaid Placement

Students may be able to work unpaid in one of two ways:

Students might work unpaid at any type of facility that has actually 501(c)3 non-profit documentation given by the state. A copy the the documentation must be given to the SAE coordinator if it is a brand-new location. Famous examples encompass working at nature centers and animal rescues.

A new program v the room of Education and Department that Labor permits students age 16 and also older to work unpaid at a facility the is no a nonprofit. There is extr paperwork that must be done past the common forms, extr safety training, and also there space some restrictions on the type of job-related that might be done. The student may only accumulate a total of 120 hours per calendar year from this option. After ~ that duration they have to either acquire paid or uncover a brand-new SAE.


Students who pick to run and manage their own organization may participate in an entrepreneurship. The student must submit a service plan, use for grants, be keep a two means cash flow of profit and also expense, and demonstrate measurable growth every year in order for an entrepreneurship to be approved. Popular instances of entrepreneurship SAEs encompass lawncare and also landscaping businesses, raising and also sale of breed boy and/or their products in accordance with the laws and also regulations set by the DoAg, and also floral design businesses.

Frequently request Questions

How execute I gain my SAE approved?

One you gain a new SAE, please fill out an SAE application found on the Ag totality Program Google Classroom and also share it through your SAE teacher and also Mrs. Jedd. Mrs. Jedd will then email you her state paperwork to it is in signed, and also then return it come her. When it is received and signed, her SAE is great to go. Every SAE needs to be renewed annually as well.

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How is SAE recorded?

Students document their SAE plan, hours, finances, learned skills, and also reflect top top their growth in their SAE with a website referred to as This website is approved by the school, and also enables students come fill the end award applications and also grants pertained to their SAE. Each student has their very own account, and the login information is together follows:

Chapter Number: CT0014 (zeroes, no O’s)Username: an initial Initial and also Last name in most situations (ex. JSmith or HWhite)Password: Is do by the student. If a student forgets your password, they might ask a teacher come reset it.

How is SAE graded?

Students space graded on the completeness of your recordbook together measured by a rubric. The rubric is accessible to college student in the message center on the wall surface as they get in ag, and also is also obtainable on google classroom. This counts because that a section of their course grade.

Students additionally obtain a different credit for their SAE. They get 1 credit transaction on a pass/fail communication yearly for conference the hour benchmarks.

How plenty of hours are students compelled to gain each year?

Students are required to attain 200 hrs per year. The SAE year is indigenous June 1 to may 31. Students start accruing hours at top top June 1 of their freshman year. Students are required to meet particular benchmarks, but because many ag tasks are seasonal, hrs may roll over indigenous benchmark to benchmark to consist of for slow-moving seasons. Hours may no roll over from year to year, however. The hour benchmarks are detailed below: