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Clovis High college students have access to several different Career Technical education (CTE) pathway programs. CTE empowers students to make meaningful career choices by providing opportunities to discover their interests, develop career skills, and reinforce academics. This programs engage students by making education and learning relevant v acombination that rigorous academics, demanding technical education and real-world experience.

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CARTprovides a 75,000 state-of-the-art study and an innovation facility whereby students design and also complete jobs in participation with partner from the local, national, and international service community.
Participation in dare is a privilege because that eleventh and twelfth great students. Every year, Clovis High school has much more students attending dare than any other high institution in Clovis or Fresno Unified and also this is a legacy we expect to proceed for plenty of years come come.

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Transportation is listed between Clovis High and CART. Students who are selected come enroll, to visit half-day classes in among the 16 laboratories teach by teams of instructors native both education and business. Interested students mustapply onlineand space selected through a lottery process.

Center for advanced Research and an innovation Labs

Environmental Science and Field research ROPDigital video Producation and also Broadcast ROP
Business and also Finance ROP Interactive Game style ROP*
Cybersecurity ROPLaw and Order and also Policy
Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship ROPBiomedicine*
Web Application advance ROPDigital Media and Graphic design ROP
Psychology and Human BehaviorEngineering, Manufacturing, and Robotics*
Biotechnology* Forensic Research and also Biotechnology*


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