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After coming to be widely used in continent Europe it gotten in England in that Old French type Robert, where an Old English cognate form (Hr?odb?orht, Hrodberht, Hr?odb?orð, Hrœdbœrð, Hrœdberð) had actually existed prior to the Norman Conquest.

ROB » Radar OBservation government - armed forces ROB » Radar OBservation federal government - NASA rob » Robotic operation Buddy scholastic & science - university

Stack-Up comes with five trays, five various colored blocks, and two claws worn through R.

ROB » Robertsfield worldwide Airport, Harbel/ Monrovia, Liberia local - local Airport code rob » Revisions of Operative Branching computer - computer ROB » steal in theft regulation - law rob » Monrovia Roberts worldwide airport regional - local Airport code ROB is an IATA code of Monrovia Roberts worldwide airport positioned in Monrovia in Liberia. Rob » Reach out to Burma company - Non-Governmental organization Reach the end to Burmais a NGO based in Brooklyn, joined States. Plunder » radar order of battle Military - federal government In military, radar stimulate of fight is abbreviated as radar stimulate of battle. Rob » reorder buffer military - government Advertisement: reorder buffer ax is provided in military.
plunder » royal Observatory that Belgium academic & science - research ROB » Rosewood ~ above Broadway clinical - organization plunder » Red Oak Brewery market - Food and also Beverages plunder » Recreation Oak Bay clinical - company plunder » roll Or Bowl industry - Hospitality rob » be sure On the beach Entertainment - firm plunder » prepared for Online organization Business - IT plunder » Rappahannock Oyster Bar market - Food and also Beverages rob » royal Oak Boring industry - Automotive

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More full forms : RJI RRAG RUGC RLM RSEL RMSL RDL RCL RACDS RWCBG RLC RBC RAC RTA RPL RMLC REL RWA What is the full kind of plunder ?Meaning the ROBWhat does rob mean?