Pisa is a city in Tuscany, central Italy, ~ above the right financial institution of the mouth of the river Arno top top the Tyrrhenian Sea. That is the capital city that the district of Pisa. Although Pisa is known an international for its leaning tower, the city of end 88,332 residents contains much more than 20 other historical churches, number of palaces and also various bridges throughout the river Arno.The city is additionally home of the college of Pisa, which has a background going earlier to the 12th century and likewise has the mythic Napoleonic Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and Sant"Anna college of advanced Studies together the best Superior Graduate institutions in Italy.

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on the Arno, 49 m. By rail W. Of Florence, is just one of the earliest cities in Italy; previously a port, the flow has collected the land at its mouth so that the sea is currently 4 m. Off, and also the ancient trade of Pisa has actually been transferred to Leghorn. There space a splendid cathedral, rich in arts treasures, a peculiar campanile the white marble i m sorry deviates 14 ft. Indigenous the perpendicular, known as the leaning tower the Pisa, several old and also beautiful churches, a university, institution of art, and also library. Silks and also ribbons are woven, and also coral ornaments cut. In the 11th century Pisa to be at the zenit of its prosperity as a republic, through a great mercantile fleet, and also commercial connections with all the world. That Ghibelline sympathies involved it in damaging struggles, in i beg your pardon it slowly sank till its fortunes were linked in those the Tuscany about 1550. The board of directors of Pisa, 1409, organized to recognize the long-standing rival cases of Gregory XII. And also Benedict XII. Come the Papal chair, finished by adding a third claimant, Alexander V. Pisa was one of the twelve urban of ancient Etruria.

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(anc. Pisæ). One of the oldest and also most beautiful cities of Italy, and, it spins lately, the capital of the currently extinct grand duchy of Tuscany, ~ above the financial institutions of the river Arno. Pisæ was among the twelve cities of Etruria; the is commonly mentioned in the Ligurian wars as the headquarters the the roman inn legions. Early in the 11th century, Pisa had risen come the rank of a an effective republic. The troops took component in all the an excellent events of the divine Land; and also its fleet in turn gave help to the pope in southern Italy, to the emperor in northern France, chastised the Moors, and also exacted its own terms indigenous the east emperors. In your wars v the Saracens the Sardinia, the Pisans had overcame Sardinia, Corsica, and also the Balearic Islands, and for a time maintained their ground versus their hereditary enemies, the Genoese; however having sided v the Ghibellines in the long wars i beg your pardon desolated the empire, Pisa experienced severely in ~ the hand of the victorious Guelphic party. Indeed, the rivalry that the Guelphic cities of Florence, Lucca, and also Siena nearly brought Pisa come the brink of damage at the nearby of the 13th century; and also after struggling for more than a hundreds years versus external foes and the internal dissensions in between the autonomous mob and the Ghibelline nobles, without losing their character because that indomitable valor, the Pisans ultimately threw themselves under the protection of Galeazzo Visconti that Milan. It became subject come Florence after ~ a long siege, 1405-6. In 1494, Pisa became independent under the defense of Charles VIII.

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The France. As soon as the French left Italy, the old battle was renewed; and also after offering a desperate resistance, the Pisans, in 1509, to be compelled by hunger to surrender the city to the Florentine military besieging the walls.