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‘Photography’ originates from the Greek words PHOTOS and GRAPHOS

Photography originates indigenous the Greek native PHOTOS and also GRAPHOS, which way Light Drawing.

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What is Photography?

Photography is the art, application and practice of producing durable images by record light. One way to execute this is v the help of an image sensor. The sensor captures the light and draws and also image follow to irradiate intensity. Another method to perform this is with a light-sensitive material such together photographic film.

Photography the is supplied in every filed the life such as science, manufacturing and also business, hobby, art, movies, videos, to chat purposes, and also mass communication.

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Greek native – PHOTOS

Photo is a word-forming element definition “light” or “photographic” or “photoelectric”. The communication of this is the Greek words phos or phot, which literally analyze to ”light”

Words starting from greek root Photo-


Greek native – GRAPHOS

Graphos is a greek word meaning meaning illustration or an “instrument for recording”. Greek root graph also way ‘to write,’ One of the most usual uses of this root is in the suffix -graphy.

Words ending with greek root -graph

photography: the ‘writing’ of images using lightcinematography: the ‘writing’ of film scenesbiography: ‘writing’ the someone’s lifechoreography: the ‘writing’ of dance stepstelegraph: ‘writing’ from afar

Examples that Photography

The photography has developed so much into last two decades. Some instances of varieties of photography include: 

Wedding PhotographyPortrait PhotographyEvent PhotographyProduct PhotographyTravel PhotographyFashion PhotographyAerial PhotographyStreet PhotographyAbstract PhotographyLandscape Photography

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