I don’t know about you yet when I an initial started playing Badminton and walked into a venue, the an initial thing that ns noticed was, you to be never allowed to step into the court and play if friend weren’t in her “Non-Marking Badminton shoes“.

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For most of the first-timers, who room just beginning out top top the Badminton sport, the ax “Non-marking Badminton shoes” sounds absolutely weird and also “out that the dictionary” new.

But the is obligated if you room checking into a Badminton to meet that has synthetic turfs or wood courts, just since you don’t want to leave any marks like scratches or dirt on the court.

And more so, friend are requested to stay the shoes only at the venue and also not walk in v the shoes, together they may leave a note as well.

Why perform you require Non-Marking Shoes for Badminton?

Regular shoes are bound to leave marks ~ above the Badminton surfaces while play as a the majority of movement and also pressure is connected on the court. This will finish up producing scratches or shoe marks ~ above the surface ar which damages the play turf and spoils the experience. In bespeak to tackle this, the venues introduce the use of shoes that have non-marking soles.

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These shoes have soles that come through not-so-hard soles the don’t leave a note on the surface. Many non-marking shoes have actually non-black soles but if you want only black soles, even that is accessible in the market.

How to figure out if a shoe has actually Non-Marking soles?


There room two means to recognize if your shoe is a non-marking shoes or not:

1) Flip her shoe and use your fingernail to push the sole. If the single is dented, then her shoe is most most likely to be a non-marking shoe and also if the sole is soft and also won’t cause any marks.

2) take it a white document and ar it top top the floor. Try rubbing the shoe sole on the paper. Take the document now and check for scuff marks. If there room no clues on the paper, then your shoe is a non-marking shoe.

Where deserve to you get them online?

Non-marking pair of shoes are accessible in Decathlon Sports – The best sports retailer in the country, Amazon India, Snapdeal, Flipkart and Khelmart.com.

Some that the finest Non-marking shoes you get in the market:

Non-marking pair of shoes have end up being a necessity in sports today. Not just Badminton, but most sports that have actually a artificial playing surface additionally recommend the usage of non-marking shoes.

So the the flooring intact and also does not an outcome in prompt damage. Through the advancement of the current trends in sports, the tools used has also come a long way. Non-marking shoes are offered in run floors and also gymnasiums.

Best Non-marking shoes because that Badminton:

Badminton shoes are accessible in assorted colours, brands and also over a broad price range. If you room a beginner who has recently started playing badminton, the is not essential that you must buy high value shoes.

If friend are in search of cheap badminton shoes, then you definitely need to inspect out this list:

6 spending plan Non-Marking Badminton Shoes that You Can gain Online.

There are particular brands like Nivia, Stag and also Decathlon that manufacture budget badminton shoes because that beginners. They are comfortable and highly resilient as well.

These shoes are not priced an ext than 1500 bucks and also totally fits the budget. For the best shoes for the beginners, examine this out:

5 Must-Own Non-Marking Badminton Shoes because that The Beginners.

While the beginners will be comfortable through the budget plan shoes, the intermediates and the experts can need much more. Because they have been playing the sport for rather long, it is much more appropriate to find marginally expensive shoes that could last longer. Yonex, Li-Ning shoes are absolutely professionally and likewise expensive on that note.

But if you are looking to take up badminton professionally and also you are searching for shoes that will continue to be with you for a longer time, climate here’s the ideal bet for you:

5 Non-Marking Shoes because that The Intermediates the Badminton.

The e-commerce giants Amazon and Flipkart have a swimming pool of these non-marking shoes. And the best part of this sites is that they sell the shoes at a vast discount. This you can’t avail if friend buy the shoes in a retail store.

If you are searching for some of the ideal badminton shoes available on Flipkart, here’s what you should be reading:

5 Non-Marking Badminton shoes That’s finest To Shop on Flipkart.

For finest shoes ~ above Amazon, check out: 

5 top Rated Non-Marking shoes You Can obtain On Amazon.

It is all about having the right racket and also the ideal shoes. Sometimes, they can influence your video game on the whole and change the method you beat the sport. For this reason make sure you shot on a few non-marking shoes before you decision to resolve for one. As this might reason a substantial impact on her footwork and help you in becoming much better at badminton.

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If you room looking at some serious game of Badminton then it is recipient to invest in non-marking shoes. An excellent shoes not just cushion her feet but likewise protect the courts. A win-win situation, isn’t it?

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