With the beginning of Season 4 Reloaded, contact of Duty zombie fans have actually a lot of brand-new content come sink their this into. Alongside the brand-new map, Mauer der Toten, the setting has acquired a new Perk; Mule Kick. This classic perk has actually a rather… trigger-happy… brand-new vending machine, and lets players carry around an ext guns 보다 normal.

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Black Ops Cold war Zombies – The Mule kick Perk

The Mule kick Perk renders its return to speak to of Duty zombies in black Ops Cold battle today, as part of the Season 4 Reloaded update. This Perk-a-Cola can be discovered at its own special vending maker in the new Mauer der Toten maps. While friend won’t see these gun-toting devices in the larger maps or Outbreak, Mule Kick will certainly still be available from your Der Wunderfizz machines.


The main purpose that the Mule absent Perk is to let players bring three weapons quite than two. This provides it perfect for players tackling a zombie map solo, though it’s additionally useful because that squads who desire to pack a more comprehensive assortment the firearms. That course, just like other Perks, Mule Kick also offers a range of much more minor benefits if upgrades through Raw Aetherium. These room as follows:

Tier I – Crafted tools grants secondary equipment. This means that whenever you visit the bench to invest Salvage, you’ll obtain two pieces of tools rather 보다 one. This update is appropriate for football player who favor to have actually plenty that grenades on hand.Tier II – All enemies have possibility to fall ammo. fairly self-explanatory, this trait means that any enemy can drop ammo. Previously, this would only happen in the Outbreak mode.Tier III – Stowed weapons slowly refill automatically. When any of your weapons space stowed, this upgrade will cause them to progressively reload themselves. This is best if you don’t have Speed Cola to depend on in it s too dirty situations; merely swap to among your various other two weapons and also let her empty clip refill ~ above its own. Keep in mind that the bullets will certainly still drain from your obtainable stock – lock won’t reload the end of slim air!Tier IV – 25% opportunity to keep non-retrievable devices when used. with this upgrade, anytime you throw a grenade or usage a similar piece the equipment, there’s a 1-in-4 chance that that won’t be used up. Keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to C4 or the Tomahawk.

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Tier V – Your third Primary Weapon is recovered top top repurchase. The final upgrade for Mule kick is good for getting ago on her feet quickly. If you lose Mule Kick, you’ll additionally lose your third weapon. However, with the Tier V upgrade, you’ll immediately get that weapon back once girlfriend repurchase the Perk.