True. The letter is described to present "1000". The prefix "kilo" is obtained from the Greek native chilioi or khilioi. The short kind was supplied for the metric system.

I still remember the an initial time i heard that "K" provided for 1000 various other than kilogram or kilometre was as soon as the "Y2K" bug threatened the entire world! ns was curious to know and discovered the it to be "Year 2000 bug". Due to the fact that then, making use of "K" because that a thousand (anything) hasn"t to be an uncommon usage.

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The SI prefix because that a thousands is kilo-, official abbreviated as k—for instance, prefix to "metre" or that is abbreviation m, kilometre or km signifies a thousands metres. Together such, civilization occasionally stand for the number in a non-standard notation by replacing the last 3 zeros of the general numeral through "k": for instance, 30k for 30,000.




Also, in computers K way 2**10 (two to the 10th power) = 1024. Yet in price (or miles on car) it way 1000.


As such, people occasionally stand for the number in a non-standard notation by replacing the last three zeros of the basic numeral v "K": for instance, 30K because that 30,000.

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