Even in ancient mythical tradition of the various religions, the pigeon plays an essential role. In old Greece, it to be worshiped together a love bird, the goddess Aphrodite considered it to be sacred. In the german tradition, a dark pigeon was considered a bird that death.

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In the Judaea-Christian tradition, the beginning of the special meaning of the dove is probably because of the story the Noah, who sent a dove ~ the Flood, which reverted with an olive branch. It became a sign of reconciliation in between God and also man. Noah’s dove, flying end the waters of the flood, is figuratively interpreted as oh my god Spirit, hovering favor a bird end the flood of the beginning.

Christian art uses the photo of the dove where it is spoken by the holy Spirit, also though in various other biblical stories only a very few passages speak explicitly of a dove in this context.

As a symbol of the divine Spirit, the dove shows up on depictions of the Pentecost event. And in scene of proclaiming the birth of Jesus, the spirit comes in dove form to Mary. But additionally in depictions of the Trinity, the mind is represented as a dove between the two persons that father and also son.

The only new Testament passage whereby the dove is specifically mentioned in spiritual contexts is the account the the baptism the Jesus, when he watch the soul coming ~ above him like a dove after ~ baptism. That is clear right here again the close connection to the water. The water the baptism, connected to the idea that ​​washing far sin, is memory of the waters that the Flood.

In addition, the dove attains one independent meaning in photos of early on Christianity together a prize of the i was baptized Christian, or even of the martyr.

Origen to compare the eye of the spiritual man, who “spiritual view” is completely directed to God, with dove-eyes. In this sense, the dove is likewise a authorize of Christian simplicity, a price of purity, love, faithfulness and virginity.

White dove – Symbolism and Meaning

The dove theatre a significant role as a symbolic number in the depictions of art of every time. In ours time, her peace message involves the fore again. It has become a symbol of tranquility for us, throughout all political and ideological borders.

The pigeon is often shown as white and also gentle. The symbol of pure-bred pigeon is existing in numerous cultures, and all the beliefs linked with it normally have confident meanings. White pigeons room symbols of new beginnings, peace, loyalty, love, happiness and also prosperity, and also their release is a legacy that has been linked with ceremonies, rituals and celebrations for centuries.

White pigeons are symbols honor, peace and love. This beautiful birds are also symbols the the divine Spirit i m sorry is why they are often mentioned in the holy bible whenever something important is about to happen. In the new Testament, the white pigeon to be mentioned during the baptism that Jesus Christ on the Jordan River, once heaven was opened over it, and also the holy Spirit flew together a pigeon. The can also represent Virgin Mary.

If you ever before saw publication of the white pigeons in ~ political events it is since this beautiful bird is a price of peace and it is thus often offered for together events. It often shows up on drawings, posters and also signs on events that promote peace, such as the Olympic Games, protests against violence and also pacifist literature.


The white pigeon is a price of birth and also marriage, and also even today throughout the wedding ceremonies, the newlyweds release 2 white doves together. The is thought that marriage will be very happy if they remain together ~ the flight. A really favorable sign is the come of a white pigeon come the place of celebration.

The release of white pigeons is peace, prosperity and success. That’s why they to visit every important event, such as graduation, religious ceremony, even a sports event and also a concert.

The release of white pigeons in ~ the funeral symbolizes the course of the heart of the dead come the world of peace. The number of released pigeons likewise has a symbolic meaning. One pigeon to represent the soul of the deceased, while 4 pigeons symbolize the holy Trinity that leads the deceased into the sky. Ten to twenty pigeons are angels who travel v the heart of the deceased, directing him come his last destination.

Bird bird are recognized to be scribed and considered to offer as the messengers that heaven. In Feng Shui, the capability to fly high into the sky is connected with the ability to reach together close to heaven. Pigeons paris far and high, sending out messages yet eventually they always come ago home where their oasis and also the gaze room in the embrace of their beloved partner.

The story of Love

Symbols the love such as pigeons or mandarin ducks should always be inserted in bag representing a man and also a mrs in love affair. The couple’s dove activates the energy of partnership. Whether it’s a picture or sculpture the represents doves, their power will carry loyalty, peace and happiness to your home and also marriage.

It is assumed that a pair the pigeons together a prize in your bedroom brings double happiness, gentleness, romance, and also eternal love. In Feng Shui, the pigeons supplied to be offered as a love remedy because that long and also peaceful marriage. That is thought that the pigeons were beloved bird at the Chinese emperor’s court due to the fact that of the calming impact of their teasing.

Seeing a paris White Dove in prior of you

If you experienced a paris white dove in prior of you, this means you room going to find love quickly or satisfy someone very special. Love come in different forms and also it doesn’t have to mean the you room going to uncover love in romantic feeling of the words.

White doves are normally a symbol of love, innocence and also joy. This birds are going to lug you happiness and joy in life, so anytime you see a white dove over there is a good chance something great is around to happen to you very soon.

White doves in basic are beautiful creatures, so even seeing one because that a moment is a true miracle. They room pretty rare in white color, therefore you should be happy that you had a chance to view one.

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White dove, if you think in that symbolical meaning, is walk to lug you love and also peace in life. Nature is by itself a miracle, and also many beautiful creatures live in it, that have to be ours inspiration.