Fans of Frasier, which ran because that eleven seasons on NBC beginning in 1993, will identify the location of this write-up from the show’s above closing theme. The song’s composer, Bruce Miller, explained that tossed salad and also scrambled eggs stood for Frasier Crane’s psychiatric patient in that they were “mixed up.” Had the display premiered three years later, Miller could have had actually to change the lyrics: 1996 was once HBO aired that Prisoners of the battle on Drugs documentary and also the anilingual feeling of “toss mine salad” gone into the unincarcerated public consciousness through this man:

For those that you who don’t desire to watch this video, he says—No, you understand what? simply watch the damn video. I’ll wait.

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The expression might not have acquired popularity had actually Chris Rock no talked around “Tossed Salad Man” in his Bring the Pain HBO comedy special, which aired later that exact same year:

1996 may have actually been the year our watch of salads came to be tainted (sorry), yet the expression had been kicking about the united state prison neighborhood for a while before then, and also “toss a salad” an interpretation “to lick or suck anus” has actually an entrance in Bruce Rodgers’s 1972 edition of The Queens’ Vernacular: A gay Lexicon. Anilingus has actually historically been supplied to humiliate or establish dominance end someone: Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen defines the practice among prisoners in his 1668 novel, Simplicius Simplicissimus, about the Thirty Years’ War. Return “Tossed Salad Man” supplied “toss my salad” to describe this type of degrading anilingus, we now use the to describe consensual encounters together well.

So what makes “toss my salad” linguistically *cough* interesting?

First, together you’ll undoubtedly have actually noticed, the semantic distance in between “toss my salad” and “eat out my ass” is huge. Gaping, even. Most online forums stating the expression incorporate (a) someone wondering how it originated and also (b) someone rather going ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Green’s dictionary of Slang speculates the the prisoner exercise of anilingus using condiments might relate come tossed salad due to the fact that of “the general mixing of flesh and embellishments,” yet it has actually no critical answer. Reality is, a many terms in prison slang have little semantic similarity v their referents—hamburger an interpretation a ten-year sentence, rock spider definition child molester. This characteristic makes a most intuitive sense: prisoners are under consistent scrutiny by correctional officers and also others exterior of their community—when they desire to communicate among themselves, they’re urged to do their slang difficult to decipher.

This semantic distance may be why we have the right to still create “tossed salad” top top menus and in cookbooks without ruffling any kind of feathers or eliciting juvenile giggling. What likewise helps is that “tossing salad” in the anilingual context is a partially fixed expression in that toss alone isn’t used to typical eat/suck/kiss/lick, no one is salad alone provided to refer to ass. We don’t (usually) hear around someone “tossing pussy” or “getting their salad kicked.”

Salad possession is likewise a significant (though not critical) function of the prisoner’s wording: he claims “toss my salad”—whoever possesses the salad is the one receiving the rimjob.

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Using another determiner, also the, would certainly pluck it the end of the kingdom of the twin entendre. Instead of my through this would make this children’s book cover at the very least 60 percent much less creepy: