In the black Meaning

Definition: Having an ext income than expenditures; to it is in making a profit.

Origin the In the Black

This idiom can be compared with the expression in the red. When in the red way to be in debt, in the black means the opposite.

Both expressions source from the record keeping practices of business, where financial casualty were created in red and also financial profits were created in black. In the black color originated in the very first half of the 1900s.

See additionally the phrase in the red.

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Examples that In the Black

The dialogue below is between two university students that are discussing rumors around the financial well being of their school.

Nisha: have you heard anything around the school’s jae won difficulties?

Alan: No. Why? What have actually you heard?

Nisha: i heard that it hasn’t to be making a profit for year now, and that they space deeply in debt.

Alan: Really?

Nisha: Yeah. It could even need to close if it can’t make an ext money.

Alan: that seems difficult to believe. We need to pay a most money for tuition. Also, as far as ns know, the university is in the black. Ns don’t think you have actually anything to issue about.

Nisha: i hope you right.

The second dialogue supplies the idiom in the context of a son and also his father pointing out the family members business.

Son: Hey, Dad, ns think us should get Wi-Fi for the restaurant.

Dad: No.

Son: Why not? most restaurants have free Wi-Fi nowadays. The could aid bring us more business!

Dad: We very own a takeout restaurant. People aren’t within long sufficient to need the wifi. Also, you recognize how hard we’ve to be trying to stay in the black. Us can’t waste money ~ above something the no one will certainly use.

Son: human being would use it while waiting for your order to be ready.

Dad: i don’t think so. The price is no. As soon as you’re the owner, girlfriend can obtain Wi-Fi. Now, perform your homework.

More Examples

In an article around company earnings, the idiom is supplied to explain how one bank was in debt however is no longer.

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In this excerpt around Asian stocks, the idiom is supplied to show that eastern shares space rising and also showing a profit in the very first week the the year 2017.


The English phrase in the black method that a service is earning an ext money 보다 it is spending or has much more money 보다 it owes.