1 : to praise (someone or something) in a serious and also often public method He commended her honesty. His poetry is very commended by other writers.

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2 : to point out (someone or something) as deserving attention or approval : recommend i commend this book to anyone interested in learning much more about American history. Their theory has actually much come commend it. <=there room many good things around it> His principles are not likely to commend themselves to most voters. <=most voters will not like and approve that his ideas>
1 : to entrust for treatment or conservation "To Thee I execute commend my watchful soul / Ere i let loss the home windows of mine eyes."— wilhelm Shakespeare
3 : to mention with approbation : praise us commend you because that your proceeding dedication to excellence.

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commendable kə-​ˈmen-​də-​bəl adjective
commendably kə-​ˈmen-​də-​blē adverb

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His city is very commended by other writers. i commend this book to anyone interested in learning more about American history.
Recent instances on the internet His teammates and coaches commend his interaction skills. — New York Times, 26 Oct. 2021 The torture can likewise commend those that encourage rather to speak and who amplify what others say come make sure they are attributed for your ideas. — Minda Harts, NBC News, 5 Oct. 2021 The army did commend Avitia for her bravery, however she to be expelled after serving for a tiny over 5 months. — Miriam Fauzia, USA TODAY, 17 Sep. 2021 ~ above Father’s day 2021, Jenner required to Instagram come commend Scott, posting a snapshot of the two of them leaning in for what showed up to be a kiss. — Ruth Etiesit Samuel, Los Angeles Times, 20 Aug. 2021 The canvassers unanimously pass a motion to commend Detroit election officials because that their work balancing the precincts. — Clara Hendrickson, Detroit totally free Press, 11 Aug. 2021 The president’s office did commend Diaz via a statement delivered by presidential spokesperson bother Roque. — anne Quito, Quartz, 27 July 2021 however there are an excellent reasons to commend the court and also the administration for their caution. — Steve Chapman, chicagotribune.com, 9 June 2021 The bottom-line: While no one is around to commend CBS for its originality, the inherent strength of any kind of broadcast platform counts on an knowledge of who the audience is. — Marc Berman, Forbes, 19 may 2021

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middle English, indigenous Anglo-French comander, indigenous Latin commendare, native com- + mandare to entrust — much more at mandate