„Guten Tag“ is the greeting expression used in between the morning and evening - similar to „Good afternoon“ !it also includes forenoon and also noon - there is no right translation!

Guten Morgen = great morningGuten tags = great afternoonGuten Abend = great evening

The line between „Guten Morgen“ and „Guten Tag“ is type of blurry, because that example between 10 and 11 you might use both phrases. Personally, I would say „Guten Tag“ any type of time in between 10.30 and also 18.00 - there is no collection rule.

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"Guten Tag" is a short form of "Ich wünsche einen guten Tag" (I wish you a great day). Comparable forms:Ich wünsche einen guten- Morgen- Tag- Nachmittag- AbendIch wünsche eine: "Gute Nacht!" - good night. Sleep girlfriend well!Ich wünsche ein: "Gutes (oder angenehmes) Wochenende" - A nice main end.


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Guten sign means great day or great afternoon

Hello! - Hallo?, Hallo!, Guten Tag!, Servus!Good day! - Guten Tag!Good afternoon! - Guten Tag!How perform you do? - Guten Tag!, Guten Abend!

Guten Morgen means an excellent morning or an excellent morrow

Good morning. - Guten Morgen.Good morrow. - Guten Morgen.

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