There are couple of fruits quite as, well, fruity together the guava. Very sweet and nutrient-packed, it’s hard not to love the dry staple. However what specifically is a guava—and what do you carry out with it?

Guava is a tropic fruit indigenous to Mexico, main America, the Caribbean, and South America. Its skin is generally yellow or light green, when its meat is generally deep red or a colorful shade that pink.

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The fruit—which has edible seeds and also is rounded in shape—grows ~ above the Psidium guajava tree, a member of the myrtle family.

Guava, which most likely originated in southerly Mexico, has actually been distributed across continents because that so long, nobody’s quite specific when the first guavas to be cultivated.

It arrived on American floor in the 1800s, when human being started farming it commercially in Florida and Hawaii (which was no yet a U.S. State).

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India is right now the No. 1 producer that guava. The country is responsible for a chuck 41 percent the the world’s total.

Guava’s flavor is unique, sweet, and practically universally pleasant. Many human being think the tastes choose a hybrid between a strawberry and also a pear. The sweet of the fruit relies on which form you’re eating. Here are several of the most usual varieties:

Lemon Guava has actually (surprise, surprise) a lemony flavor. Fairly sweet and also small, this kind of guava has actually a very solid scent and flavor. Additionally known as Apple Guava, this is the most usual variety. Tropical Pink has actually bright yellow skin and also pink flesh. It’s mildly sweet v a strong scent. Tropical White has whitish skin and also is yellow on the inside. Since it’s really sweet, it’s great for desserts. Tropical Yellow (or mexico Cream) has creamy white skin and orange-y flesh. This guava, which is middle sweet, consists of much much more liquid than various other varieties. Red Malaysian is sweet v red skin and pink flesh. This form is occasionally used together a decoration.