from tkinter income *root = Tk()temp = Nonedef changeColor(event, e): # print("Positional arumgent passed:", x) print("event: ", event.widget) e2 = event.widget if e2<"bg"> == "white": e2<"bg"> = "black" elif e2<"bg"> == "black": e2<"bg"> = "white" an international temp temp = evententries = < because that j in range(3)>for y in range(3): for x in range(3): e = Entry(root, width=3, bg="white", bd=0, borderwidth=3) e.bind("", lambda x: changeColor(x, e)) e.grid(column=x, row=y) entries = eroot.mainloop()which, in the terminal, developed the output,

event: .!entry5event: .!entry6event: .!entry8...When i examined the among the event.widgets (stored in temp) in the terminal, i got,

Does anyone know what that is? could you please explain/describe?

python python-3.x tkinter syntax
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.! is not a basic Python thing, it"s just just how the tkinter library surname widgets that room not otherwise provided a name. Entry comes from here, due to the fact that this widget is an entry class. The exclamation point & number suffix are assigned here, maybe being offered a ! so that auto-generated, class-name-derived widget name don"t overlap with those assigned by the user. And the leading duration is exactly how widgets are called when lock don"t have actually a called parent; if they did, it would be ..

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